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Adapting from a Twin Max to a Carbtune for on-road syncing


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I must admit, I loved the change over the last decade from my mercury carb stick hanging from the roof of my garage, with fans blowing on the BMW heads, to syncing the TB’s on the road with a Twin Max. The difference is significant. The Twin Max does have its quirks. It gets out of adjustment easily so you must re-zero it a number of times when doing a road syncs, which means stopping a number of times.


I picked up a used Carbtune Pro from a member here and decided to give it a try today. Notice it is the 4 cylinder version, for twins only two columns are utilized. For the R series motors directions recommend hanging it upside down, that worked out perfect. I hung it from my windscreen using a light clamp and very light bungee cord at the top and bottom. I just raised the screen to get the tension on the bungee cords I wanted to stabilize the unit and went for a ride.


What a change, no zeroing, very easy to read, it is right in your sight line so you hardly take your eyes off the road.

As the RPM’s increase the columns rise so they are at about the middle of the read out when running 4K-6K RPM’s, the range I care most about while syncing.


Couple of shots


The Twin Max



The Carbtune



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Amen! Hallelujah! And welcome to the Light brother ;)


That damn Frog electrickery contraption is just a royal PITA as far as I am concerned...and I welcome all converts!

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Amen to that. I just completed my synch with the Twin Max. It is fickle to be sure. Haven't had it out for the road test yet but will prolly place it under the clear plastic of the BMW tankbag.



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