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Krauser side case found!


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Not sure exactly where to post this. Hopefully this works.


My son found this left side Krauser bag lying on the road in the Lancaster and Union area of Kitchener. We presume it came off a BMW older R bike. Hopefully the person who lost it reads this forum.


If it is yours, please contact me at dlook@vwwaterloo.com




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Good idea, we'll put a sign on the telephone post at the intersection.


No, it's not ticking!!!


Hard to believe that it has no visible damage from the drop. Mystery!

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This tale and the bags, I've seen lying on the side of the freeway and friends tales of lost bags and my own experiences are why I run a strap around my beemer bags and top box. No stinking bungees, a real solid nylon strap, the kind that used to be used shipping BMW's to your dealer.

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On my airheads I used a rubber strap, much more substatial than a bungee, with ez to release hooks.

Haven't on the oilheads and K bike, not a bad idea.


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