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R1200RT Tankbag question


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I like the way the BMW tank bag mounts to the stock luggage rack on the tank. However, I don't like how big it is. What I am looking for is a "smaller" bag with semi hard sides/shape that utilizes the same mounting system as the BMW bag.


Does anyone make a bag like this?



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I don't think so. I purchased a smaller, hard sided bag from Bags Connections that will mounts on the gas tank filler cap. It's almost as slick as the BMW bag. 508544632_QUfFb-M.jpg


This is a half decent pic of the tank bag.

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I think Big Mac will mount ether of their bags on the BMW mounting plate but you'll have to send them your OEM bag for the mounting plate. I removed the mounting plate from my OEM bag and attached a Wolfman bag to it. I think you can do it with most any bag.

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BigMak makes one that uses the existing mounting plate from a BMW Bag. I have one and love it. Just the right size to carry my phone and some extra's that I need (EWS ring for one :) ). It's called the Retro bag and comes in two sizes.




Obviously you need a mounting plate. My BMW bag was getting pretty well worn, so I picked up a newer one from someone on the board here. Then I stripped the bag off the old one and used it for the big mak bag. If I need a bigger bag then I bring the BMW bag, but 90% of the time I'm using the Big Mak bag.

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Actually, you can use the Big Mak bag and the Big Mak gas cap mount on the 1200RTs. I have both the BMW tank bag and the Big Mak.......I prefer the Big Mak.

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I have a small tourmaster tank bag and love it. I electrified it so I can charge cell phones, run my Gerbing gloves and power my GPS from the bag. Since my GPS is mounted on a plate that is attached to the backside of the bag I just undo the bag and bring all my expensive stuff inside when I stop for lunch or for the night.



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Have a small Tourtech bag that I like very much but it's not electrified....Note that these Tourtech bags come off for gassing almost as easy as the BMW bag.....Just twist two plastic locks on the front a quarter of a turn, unzip the velcro at the back, lift off and set on the seat

Quick and easy...





Also have a BMW bag but it stays home..... :P

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Hmmmm..... You know, mine is Touratech, not tourmaster and Phil is right it is easy off and on to refuel. Actually I just undo the bag with the velcro and flip it forward.


Making it electric was easy and inexpensive. It is hooked up to the powerlet on the left hand side of the fairing.



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I use a Cortech mini bag. Three of those squeeze-to-release clips attach it, one under the seat, two at the front. Undo the one and flip the whole thing forward to fill the tank. Easy-peasy. I keep the powerlet-connected dual socket in there for powering the GPS too, as well as cell phone, etc.

Like ear plugs, I rarely use it around town but on every other trip, oh yeah. :thumbsup:

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