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New BMW owner in CAL


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Hi all, I'm a new owner of a SLIGHTLY used R1200RT. Just signed the papers today on a 2007 with just under 8K on it. I've a LOT of years riding, the last five on XS1100 Yamaha's. I'm NOT new to shaft drive, just the boxer twin. I've been reading a lot here, and I know I've a LOT more to learn.

Looking forward to going on some BMW rides, as well as my XS rides. Yes, I do own more than two bikes, but two is all I can put in the garage at one time. :cry:

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Like the rest of us and the list of bikes owned...I'm saying he's getting older and needs more comfort but still wanting to sport it a bit. He now has one of the best bikes to do that on.


Welcome to the board DiverRay :wave:



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Pictures will come late in the month, after I bring it home. As for the Yamaha's, my first one, September '77, was full dress. I still have at least one with a fairing and box, so I DO like riding with a fairing. In fact, the midnight has a small windscreen just to keep the wind pressure off my chest. I HATE the feeling of being blown off the bike at the 85MPH the speedo say's I'm doing! :grin:

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OK, Rode the bike home yesterday, and I'll try to post a picture of it!


This is still at the dealer on Friday. After I got it home, I removed the bags as I don't need them for the commute. and yes, I DO plan on putting some miles on this bike, as the PO (Previous Owner) was slack in that department.

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