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What's cookin?


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What are you cookin for Labor Day Weekend?


Here is the UDS(Ugly Drum Smoker) I built and the first run smoking some pork shoulders.


The dry rub..


The smoker



















Ready to go




















Caramelized and almost Done




Pulled pork, sauced and ready to eat..





What are you eating?

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Pulled pork and cherry pie YUM!!!! All we need now is some nice home brew.


I think we still have a few bottles of last year's Christmas Ale, if it interests (I think it is a little heavy for hot weather, but it is pretty tasty). :>

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Feelin' lazy. We'll be grabbing a couple of "Ultimate Burgers" from Whole Foods. Had some a couple of weeks ago; I managed to cook them just right, with melted Muenster on top, and they were really good.


Had steak-and-bacon tournedos last weekend:






These are made from a flank steak, pounded flat and sprinkled with tenderizer, covered with some spice and parsley and a bunch of soft-cooked bacon, then rolled up into a loaf, toothpicked and sliced into individual spirals. They're a bit of work, but they're tasty.

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Just back from our annual labour day week end get-to-gether with friends. We celebrated with our 6th Around the World theme where each couple/family chooses a country and then presents some background info, food, drink and sometimes costumes.


This year we covered Malta (our choice with Pastizzi's and Maltese Falcon drink); Easter Islands (the kids with an easter egg hunt and candies); Tennessee (we take liberties as to what we accept for countries) - with Elvis's favourite ribs and fried banana and peanut butter sandwiches, Jack Daniels in various forms followed by a don the wig, sunglasses and air guitar for an Elvis karaoke contest - which I co-won, thank you, thank you very much! ; Venezuela (including a place your face through the picture board of Chavez and Miss Venezuela) with cerviche and coconut cake; Peru - a full sit down cafe with chorizos, another variety of ceviche with tilapia and a wicked Pisco Agrio drink; Vietnam with a once around the kitchen presentation; and closing with Japan with sushi and hot sake.


Seven countries in about 11 hours and as usual, by the time we get to the last country we're quite stuffed. We ended up with a game of full contact pictionary as well as a round of progressive euchre. It makes for a very late night not to mention the late morning wake up.

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...Had steak-and-bacon tournedos last weekend...


Congratulations on that shiny, brand new grill too. You must be excited to get that thing dirty....

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Joe Frickin' Friday
...Had steak-and-bacon tournedos last weekend...


Congratulations on that shiny, brand new grill too. You must be excited to get that thing dirty....


Confession time: those pics are a couple of years old. :grin: The steak-and-bacon tournedos were the inaugural dish back then, but it's the same as what we cooked last weekend.


And yes, the grill is nicely crudded up these days. :grin:

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