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Ride to the Chartreuse


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Finally get to posting some ride tales...... quickly, because we have to go hiking in a few..... :( (I'm more of the riding type).


Nina had some trouble staying on the bike for 5 hours.... she's having a shoulder problem and a back problem.. heritage of 35 years of physical work.... and of falling with the bike (hers !!!) once again.


But we made it, weather was great, finally......


I planned on riding along the cliffs rising from the valley between Chambery and Grenoble, but other activities didn't let me finish my garmin route in time, so ultimately we wound up in other places than planned.


See for yourself.



Most pictures were taken on the southbound track, middle left.


The road from Albertville to Chambery (roughly). Our destination (rather: starting point) is the mountain in the middle. Planned on riding the cliff-hanger underneath it to the left (south).




Our first stop, after having found a 'new' road east-to-west to Chambery area. Typical French village square... and Nina doing her hair again......










Then 'Truus' (as our our Garmin is called) sent us up some tiny roads towards said mountain. They got smaller and smaller until we were on some 'path' up the mountain.

Views were spectacular, but it was going up the slopes so steep that Nina had to hold onto me !

I couldn't stop for pictures further up the road.


It was only 4 miles, but spectacular. Ths is the Aprimont area, a famous wine region in the Savoie. The roads are basically just there for the farmers to get to their vinyards and we got quite a few raised eyebrows winding our way up between the grapes!




Still a long way off from the cliff! We're going up and to the right !




After a very steep part, we hit a main road (D912 I think) that led us to this 'pass'




Where Nina had to do something about her hair and scarf...

Not sure why I kept parking next to garbage bins this trip...




Well, Truss took us to the WEST side of that mountain, instead of to the east, but the road and views were equally nice, although a little less spectacular...








Looking back towards Chambery and Lac de Bourget. The mountain is in the background. This road leads through the middle of two mountain ranges and ends up all the way south at Grenoble.


Unfortunately the trip took a toll on Nina's shoulder and back, so we were getting ready to find a 'way out' and return.








Found another flat place to stop... and I kinda liked this mountain..... still heading south... I think we crossed through this village 6 times before we found the proper road. Truss was all confused and kept sending us in circles!




After that last picture we found a way to the west (the east was blocked by mountains. The road down from the high plateau was spectacular again, riding through some very deep and very narrow canyons.


But since the new camera and lens are too heavy, Nina can't make pictures on the back anymore (her shoulder isn't helping any either).... so no pictures. sorry.


Here's the trusted steed back in its very expensive, but sheltered, parking. Looks a bit like a WW2 bunker, doesn't it?

All French and other tourists have gone already, so we have the place to ourselves again!




Mind you, the view from the balcony more than makes up for the crummy parking garage.....




Hope you liked our little tour of the Chartreuse region. We did more riding than picture taking for a change.


Hope Nina's shoulder will improve before we hit the road to the States!




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