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Clutch Cable Adjustment

BRT Rider

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I installed a clutch cable on my 2000 R1100 RT last year. I never adjusted it properly, so I attempted it yesterday.

I carefully followed the instructions in the BMW service manual which called for a 12mm cap between the large nuts and a 7mm adjustment at the lever.

I was surprised how far out I had to turn the bottom screw at the bottom by the tranny..

When completed I went for a 50 mile ride and it seemed fine.

The next day it was horrible with a lot of clutch slippage.

The gaps appear the same... 12mm and 7mm. I'm confused.

If the screw at the tranny came loose, wouldn't it have affected the 7mm gap.

Any comments are appreciated.

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double check and make sure that jamb nut on the tranny is tight, if it was not tighten all the way, it WILL back off and cause problems. the clutch adjustment is very simple,those are really the only things that need to be adjusted, unless the cable is worn and starting to break(making it longer), or the tranny arm is cracked and breaking thats all there is too it.

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