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First question on 2005 R1200RT


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Just wondering what service manual is best, i.e., Clymers, haynes, chilton, or any others you would recommend. I would be interested in a used one if someone has one they no longer need and is looking to get rid of, and thanks in advance. How many of you actually service your own bikes? I know, that was really 2 questions. :)


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Out of the independents Haynes is the only one I'm aware of making a hexhead manual (could be wrong). It's ok, typical of Haynes offering (i.e. generic). You can, of course get the factory DVD and as suggested the Jim VonBaden DVD is really quite good. For maintenance items I used Jim's DVD to check procedures then verified torques etc. with the factory DVD (they're more or less committed to memory now). If you're wanting to merely do your own maintenance Jim's DVD is likely all you'll need.

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the "Von Baden" CD is all you really need for ROUTINE maintenance and in many ways it is far better than the official BMW DVD.


I also purchased the BMW Factory DVD which is interesting and at times handy... like for torque values on some obscure part. The "original factory" DVDs are expensive.


But if a third-party rip off does not bother you, from obscure countries, they are available on ebay.


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