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Lowering an RT


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I am finally going to lower my 02 RT. I have a 27" inseam and must be very careful where I stop on the RT. One only has to look at my valve covers to see why I have decided to lower it. I thought about a new bike with the low suspension but I just can't justify spending the money; besides I really like mt RT and it is paid for. I have done the research on lower shocks and I know I will have to modify the side and center stands. My question is if I lower the shocks by 50mm (1.96 inches) how much will I have to shorten the stands? I will be taking the work to a local welder so it is done right.

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50mm off your shocks!!!

Are you going for a rigid back end?

The bike will be very high at the front.

Do you know anyone else that has done this?


I am going for as low as possible. I plan on replacing both shocks. I am also looking for the collective wisdom on the board.

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I believe if you lower the front you are going to have major collision problems with the front wheel mudguard hitting the underside of the nosecone of the fairing.

As standard on full compression, the front mudguard only just misses the fairing now.

This could well be a major safety issue.

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We lowered her bike close to 2 inches a few years back. Used the stock shocks. Just machined another groove about 1/4 inch?... lower for the spring base to sit on. Did front and back. Worked fine, except when you had luggage on....it would bottom out sometimes. She is not a real case dragger, and you do loose some clearance, but the bike was still fun/safe to ride.

You had to watch where you parked it, the bike did sit upright when on the side stand. Not so much as it would fall over, but you would have to pay attention. You also had to push/pull extra, to put the bike on the center stand.


We found a set of after market, lowered shocks and have installed them. Not much different other than being abel to ride with full luggage and not bottoming out.


I think I still have the shocks if you need pictures....

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I have a 28" inseam. I'm riding an 04RT with Hyperpro shocks, lowered 25mm.


I have a low version Sargent saddle and can easily flat foot the bike. I ride ~20K a year, about 6-7K of that is 2 up touring with full luggage. I never bottom the shocks but then I ride very conservatively with Sharon aboard.


I will ride with the saddle in the low position, or in the middle position (on long rides, I'll reposition the saddle after a few hundred miles just to stretch a bit).


I shortened the center stand so that the 'Feet' of the stand are now 42mm (1 5/8") below the cross brace. I do my own maintenance so the center stand was a must. I didn't modify the side stand but will be taking about 1/2" of off it ... the standard height works 90% of the time but I occasionally have to look for a level spot to park.

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I had my '98 lowered by:


1. lower seat

2. removed front seat bottom spools / shortened rear spools

3. cut off top adjustor notch under seat (allows it to sit lower)

4. used Ohlins shorter shocks; 1.5" rear :: .75" front


overall result about a 29" seat. I have a 27" inseam and this allowed me to get the balls of my feet planted pretty solid at stops, but still had heals up about 1". Rode it about 80K miles like that and never dropped it once. It did drag the centerstand bottom pads in corners though. That problem can be solve to some degree by bending the flat-plate metal stop on the stand so that it tucks farther up into the groove of the catalytic converter.


Shortening the side stand will be an absolute must if you lower as much as you say. I did my own by trial and error and didn't keep very good records on the beginning and end length, so, sorry, can't help much on total to remove. (if you do it or a shop does it, be sure to have a piece of 1/2" re-bar inserted and welded inside to add strength as welding around outside will not hold up for very long). I left the center stand full length and added a longer lever on the (step-pad) end to help with the extra effort needed to raise the bike that high. Be happy to e-mail some pics and more detail of those changes I recorded with the camera if you will provide and E-addy.

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I recently installed lowered Ohlins which dropped the bike 1", I have a 29" inseam. I had a welder cut the side stand 5/8" on the bottom 1" of the stand, he added a inside rod before welding the kickstand back together, I can still raise the bike on the center stand as long as the bags are not loaded, if I need to I remove the bags then lift it onto the stand.. this length of cutting the side stand works pretty good, if I had to do it again I would remove 3/4" for more lean angle...



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