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Hi all,


This is not really a motorcycle trip question, but I've always gotten great advice from this group and thought I'd come back to the well. My wife and I are going to take a, dare I say .... "RV" vacation from September 25 - October 9th. No bikes : ( Have a V6 Saturn Vue with a 2800 lb. trailer and no way to haul the bikes.)


I'd love to make the west coast, but seems like that would be further than I'd want to drive. We've never seen Grand Tetons NP. That might be as far west as I want to go. Would also consider east / southeast, possibly the Georgia Coast? We love the ocean, we love the mountains, we love beauty. We are taking our two large dogs on the trip. Have been to Yellowstone, Zion NP, Acadia NP, Nova Scotia, Outer Banks, NC, Smokies etc. Am not committed to National Parks, although they never seem to disappoint.


Since I'm still undecided on a destination, I thought I'd solicit some favorite spots from this group. Where should we go?





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The Fall BRR is during that time in the Cherokee part of the state. You could stop in and see how much fun everyone who remembered to bring their bikes are having.





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Gotta say that Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons are one of my favorite places in the world. Always been there in winter but fall could be a very nice time to visit.


Also Glacier NP..............

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Add Devil's Tower monument to Grand Tetons, and you have a loop.


The walking path around Devil's Tower is an easy hour's stroll, and is very close to the base, so you get an up close and personal view of this fascinating natural formation.

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If you have never been to Rocky Mountain NP in Colorado, I would recommend it.


That time of year is also prime time for autumn aspen leaf viewing. The Maroon Bells area near Aspen is amazing in the fall, although also very busy.


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Teton and Yellowstone are starting to get very cold at night by then, but the moose are in rut and tend to be quite out and about. Fall color should be good. Hunting season outside the parks makes hiking outside the parks a poor idea. Hotels are generally full at that time, and I wouldn't be surprised if campgrounds are likewise affected. Something to check out.


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If you are still thinking about a flat lands coastal vacation then ...


As an Atlantan I hate to admit it but the Georgia coast is not a place for an extended vacation. There are a couple of real gems but not a lot of coast to Georgia. You might consider something like:


Savannah 2 days - take the trolley tour - admire the moss hung oaks, tour the Fort and visit Tybee Island.

St Simons, Jeckyll and Cumberland Islands 2-3 days -ride bikes, walk the trails, look for Painted Buntings on Jeckyll

St Augustine 2 days - maybe just a drive by and overnight. Pretty place with lots of history and lots of galleries to collect your money


With a week or so left ....


Head across Florida to St Georges Island. The eastern half of St George is a state park with 7 mile stretch of unspoilt barrier island. I seem to remember trailer hook ups there. The state park is the only one in the country to win the 'Best State Park' award twice. Might be a little cool for swimming but kayaks and fishing trips are available ... this is classic 'working class' Florida (the gated multi-million dollar places are at the far west end of the island. You will be 30 minutes from Appalachacola and about an hour and a half from Panama City/Destin. It is a quiet spot in a noisy world with great night skies - if getting 'off the grid' excites you, then this is a great spot.

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i'm a huge fan of fernandina beach area in florida. cool little town, great places to eat, great place to chill.


We're up in the blowing rock, nc area right now, which is heaven for us.


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Thanks everyone for the excellent suggestions! I have formulated the foundation of a trip plan that includes Rocky Mtn. NP, Grand Teton NP, then back through Montana (Custer NP), Deadwood, SD and Mount Rushmore. Might be a little ambitious for two weeks, but I'm sure we'll adjust based on what we find.


I was surprised to hear that campgrounds around the Tetons and Yellowstone may be full this time of year. Think we'll wing it anyway. The advantage of a smaller RV is that we can stay pretty much anywhere we decide to stop. The hunting thing makes me a little wary because I was planning to do some hiking in national forests. Guess we'll play that by ear.


The Florida / SC locations sound great too, but since we went to the Outer Banks last year, we'll try the other direction this time.


Thanks again all!


Happy Riding!



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If you want to come South a bit the Ozarks in Southern Missouri and North/North Western Arkansas will be beautiful about that time. Try to make it through on your way out or on the way back...you'll be glad you did.

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