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Northern Illinois Tech Day!


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Hi everyone! I would like to invite all those in the area to my house for a tech day Saturday, October 9. I live in Woodstock, IL and will be happy to even throw down some BBQ and drinks. This is open to Airheads and Oilheads as I have one of each. I will be working on the Oilhead myself, but if anyone wants to work on the Airhead... COOL! It is a '76 R90/6 that is taken down to frame as I am in the process of converting it to a cafe racer, complete with a Ducati super-sport fairing.


The Tech Stuff (I am NOT a mechanic but try to do all I can on my bike)

- I need to do all of the "Every 12K mile" stuff to my '00 R1100RT as well as replace the alternator belt.

- I have never done a valve adjustment myself so anyone with history on that would be great.

- Haynes manual in one hand, tools in another... Let's go at it!


For those who would like to work on their own bikes, I have 2 garage stalls, plus I will put up 2 - 10 x 10 tents in the driveway.


I would like to get a heads up on those attending so that I can plan for enough food.


Please respond here, PM me, or email me douglasrost@gmail.com


Thanks everyone in advance, I hope this will be a lot of fun.

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Thanks for everyone that has PM'd me about this so far, looks like we are even going to have a guy drive down from Canada! At what point does this transform from a Tech Day to a Rally??? :/

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I have had a few questions about tools, so here is what I have:


Aside from the obvious wrenches, air compressors and such, more specific are


  • mighty vac brake bleeder
  • tire changing stand and balancer
  • digital torque wrench
  • RT oil filter wrench
  • airhead exhaust nut wrench

Uuhhmmmm....If I think of anything else I'll post

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