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P3 Lights


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I recently installed the P3's on the back of my 07 RT and Photon Blasters on the front.


They were relatively easy to install.

The wiring appeared fairly light so I ran the wires through shrink tubing hoping for a bit better protection for the wires.


Jerry Skene at Skene Design was good to deal with, even with me living in Oz.


I have had a number of comments about how bright they appear in daylight albeit that it is hard to tell from where I sit. :grin:


Go for P3's and the PB's :clap:

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I plan on installing a set of Photon Blasters and Tail/Brake Lighting from Skene Design. Is the Turn Signal option worth getting? My bike is a 2006 RT.

Thanks for any assistance/recommendations.


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