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Akrapovik Exhaust


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I am planning on installing a full Akrapovik system on my 07 R1200S and was wondering if anyone had any experience or recommendations. They offer 2 systems, one titanium (racing system) and the other stainless (I believe that one is the evolution line). If anyone has an idea of the advantages I would appreciate their opinion.

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Advantage - More negative visibility to the public and police


It looks better though.


No real world performance games unless you believe their marketing.

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You may realize a weight loss with the new system.


Engine mods and tuning would have to happen in order to realize true perfomance changes.



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A good friend of mine has the muffler only on his R12GS without any db killer. It sounds nice and shouldn't get anyone's attention. Actually two friends have them. Same results.

As for performance one says he can feel it down low. I certainly don't doubt him. But I'm with mbelectric on getting real performance gains.

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Well unfortunately the previous owner of this bike removed the stock exhaust and the cat internals, then installed a Remus slip-on. I doubt the street legal Akra will be louder than what is on there, and maybe I will get some low end torque back.

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