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neutral lockout switch


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99r1100rt neutral inticator light sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. when not on engine would start when clutch is disengaged just like it would if trying to start in gear until yesterday. now will only start when light is on which is erratic. thanks for the help in advance.

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The bike needs to have one of two conditions to start. Either the neutral light must be on, or the clutch must be pulled in. As you know, since your neutral switch is flakey you have been relying on the clutch switch.


Well......something with your clutch switch just failed. There is a little push button on the left handle bar by the clutch lever. I would investigate there. It could just be gummed up, corroded connctions, or it might have failed. You can eliminate the switch by cutting the wires and splicing them together, but remember that once you do that, you can then start the bike while still in gear regardless of the clutch location. I personally wouldn't feel safe leaving it like that, but it can get you through for the short term.


The neutral safety switches are just junk. The all get flakey eventually. My bike is on its 3rd switch in 125k miles. Replacing it is a bit of a pain because you have to get in to the back side of the transmission. it can be done in an afternoon, but it is a tight fit.


Hope that helps

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edit: Darnit, OOpezoo was a faster typer.

Known issue. There are three interlocks, as long as #1 OR #2 is working, then you can start it.


1: Neutral light. Triggered by an itty bitty switch on the back of the tranny, known to go flakey after some time. PITA to replace, because you have to remove the swing-arm in order to get to it.


2: Clutch interlock: Two wire contact switch on the left bar. Can be bypassed by shorting them together. NOTE: SAFETY RISK!


3: Sidestand switch. Can be bypassed, similar to the clutch interlock.


Your problem is switch #2. The part is available, and you should be able to replace it at home. (or bypass the switch so you can get to the dealer to buy the replacement).


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