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Tank Bag


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What are some good aftermarket tank bags for the R1100rt? I have a OEM one but its in bad shape and scratching my tank. I would like to find a mid-sized one that bolts in the gas cap mount.

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I really like my Big Mak tank bags. Have the larger Explorer SC with map case on the RT and a smaller case on my R1100R.


He's changed his product line so I am not sure what he has going but I've had my Explorer for 8 years now and its still good :thumbsup:

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Jerry Duke

Held and Twistied Throttle sell a line from Europe, SW Motech, that has a horseshoe shaped attachment that replaces tank screws. Then you can buy multiple bags that fit the same mounting plate.

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I checked out their website as wanted to see what's available for R1100RT's also. I saw quite a few listings for BMW's, but no 1100's. Any other options?

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big mac bags are not bike specific. just find the size and style you like. almost all bags fit all bikes. in a few instances, the large explorer for example, it was designed with the RT in mind. it has a small cut out section in the bag, so the handle bars do not hit the bag at full lock. but any bag will really work. look at the options, decide what you think is the best solution, call big mac himself, and discuss the options with him. He makes buying stuff easy.

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I have a Bagster.




Positives: It is seriously strong and comes with carry straps as a bag or backpack. It expands, has side pockets and a rain cover. There is a range of colours available.


Negatives: Expensive. It limits the turning angles due to handlebar obstruction.


The Bagster is supplied with a tank cover that can be harsh on the paint. Because of this, my wife covered the bottom of mine with felt before used it.

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