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What is it worth?


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Found a 2003 R 1150 GS with 85 kilometers on the clock.


What might this bike be worth? It is 8 years old, but basically new and hardly ridden.


What would be a resonable offer?

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Keep in mind that it needs (If it has not just been done) a battery, new tires, brake flush and a service......Plus another service (600 mile/1000 kilometer service) in another 500 miles.


Low mileage sometimes means only that it has been sitting a lot.


Ran well when parked........Go in with eyes open. Good Luck!

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A lady friend from San Diego bent on Alaska bought a 2002 1150GS with 100K miles ons the clock. Got hers' for $2000. It was really clean except for the new Shinko tires which were cracking badly after a couple hundred miles. Got new rubber while at the 49er rally. Now she's ready for the far North.

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Here in Australia, a lower mileage twin-spark R1150GS will cost you between $10,000-$12,000.

The new price for these was about $17,000 so that's about 2/3 of the original value.

There are plenty of cheaper R1150GS in Oz with higher mileage.

It's all about what it is worth to you.

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