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Around the World in 248 days !


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Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 1/28 More detailed information for motorcyclistssss interested in the DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION (1DE)November 14, 2010 - July 20, 2011

This expedition is a very unique journey that, we at Edelweiss have dreamt of for the last 30 years! A motorcycle tour that goes through all five continents in

one go and gives all participants the opportunity to discover our planet bit by bit. In spite of this being a gigantic undertaking it is a dream that is the ultimate for

every motorcycle touring enthusiast. Many of us have thought of it, some of us have done tours on a number of continents, only a few of us have covered all five of them,

but none of us at Edelweiss have done that in one single go. This journey is without comparison. The contrasts alone, along this 248 day expedition, are vast and remarkable. From massive modern metropolises to

remote highland villages, from five lane interstates to narrow dirt tracks, from barren arid deserts to tropical rainforests, you will ride through some of the richest and poorest countries on the planet. The route is designed to show you some of the most exceptional world

motorcycling, in the huge differences in cultures and man's legacies past and present, as our world develops at an extraordinary rate.

So the first reaction, we got from fellow riders to whom we presented our idea to: Wow, it looks great, I would like to do it, but I cannot because...! The reasons were numerous and covered time, money, family, career, risks, riding ability and

many more! Yes, there are a lot of reasons not to do what you really want to do, not just for this dream tour but for many dreams one has. But just think of this opportunity: Discover our Earth by motorcycle with a group of riders who are also of your opinion: This planet is all we

have, it is marvellous, it is beautiful, at times dangerous. We cannot go further at this time ­ the Moon by motorcycle is 30 years away and other planets, other solar systems ­ who knows?

So, let's do it, let's discover our Earth! In 20 years we don't want to say: I have had a dream, but never made a real experience out of it! On the contrary ­ in 20 years we want to refresh our memories of the greatest experience we ever had on a motorcycle: We experienced our entire Earth and learned a lot from that expedition.

Experiencing our earth is a key word for this project! There were other tours to ride around the world, this DISCOVER OUR EARTH

EXPEDTION is not leading us the shortest possible way around but meanders through some of the most attractive regions of our globe without haste. We take our time, there is so much to see and

discover. Attractive scenery is one important aspect, great motorcycle roads another. That's not all! To see how our kind, the Homo sapiens live, laughs, talks and reacts to his fellow

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 2/28 countrymen and women in the tremendously different cultures present at this time on our planet is as important for this expedition as the ride and the scenery. Moving by motorcycle and stopping the motorcycle is a tremendous help to get much closer to all of that, when

compared with other means of transport. In the last 30 years, we have had such great experiences to meet people in far away countries and even making lasting friendships

just because we stopped in some strange place and started talking with hands and feet to the by-standers. All of this sounds great, but won't there be problems, risks,

unknown situations, challenging riding sections and other surprises on this tour? Yes, this trip will certainly be a challenge for us at Edelweiss, for our partners at GlobeBusters and for every rider and passenger in the

team! The challenges will be some of the daily rides, with sections that require not only experience in riding through dirt, mud, gravel and through creeks and rivers, but also the traffic conditions we will encounter in so many different countries around the world. What

about loosing your riding buddies, a non starting motorcycle, a bridge that was there last week, but not anymore or the discovery that you ate a dog for dinner? The adventure side of this trip cannot be avoided and is part of the attraction. However we at

Edelweiss are planning the expedition with one thing in mind: Let's make it as safe as possible. Let's have a team of experts from GlobeBusters giving all the support needed in daily riding,

crossing borders, dealing with the local police, getting defect motorcycles back on the road, charming the customs officials when bringing in 20 motorcycles by road or by air, dealing with the airfreight, getting the bikes of all participants serviced at the required times and

miles, having new tires ready when needed, finding the special places to spend the night, recognizing a dog on the dinner plate and much much more. The achievement is unique ­ to be part of the first motorcycle team ever to attempt such an

ambitious around the globe route. Not only that, the rewards of achieving this are one hundredfold. Think of riding epic roads such as the Pan America Highway and the Silk Road. How about riding the full length and breadth of Australia and traversing the whole of China from East to West? We will ride in the driest desert in the world, get to the highest capital

city in the world and travel in the longest mountain range in the world. You will even ride as far south as is possible in the world ­ to Ushuaia in Tierra Del Fuego. Along the way, there are many UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit; the Terracotta Army

(China), Machu Picchu (Peru), Uluru (Ayers Rock, Australia), to name but a few. As well as riding in some of the greatest national parks in the world - Torres Del Paine (Chile), Blue Mountain (Australia), Tierra Del Fuego (Argentina).

Edelweiss & GlobeBusters as a team have all the expertise needed to make this unique expedition the greatest touring experience ever on our planet.

So read through this information about the trip, think of all the aspects that would change your life if you decide to do it, reconsider, talk to the people who will have changes in their life because of your participation and then only then tell your friends! If they respond you

are crazy, thank them for the compliment!

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 3/28 How will the DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDTION differ from what Edelweiss normally offers on a tour? "Discover our Earth" is the ultimate in long distance overland adventure motorcycle travel, which by its very nature brings with it

a whole array of new and different challenges not normally experienced on a traditional Edelweiss one or two week tour. Due to the extended time spent crossing many developing countries

across all continents, there will be times when riders will feel out of their comfort zone, have a tough day, be exhausted from some difficult riding and be frustrated at dealing with language

problems, intransigent local officials, and unusual local customs. This is all part of the challenge of overland travel. It can be difficult but equally it can be unparalleled in the depth of the experience being offered. Such a unique and momentous undertaking requires a participant to be a team player, with a

proactive personality, a flexible and positive attitude and be happy to help when things do not go as planned. Participants must have an overriding determination for the whole team to succeed in the venture. Participants cannot just sit back and expect to have their bags

carried, bikes cleaned, and dinner to be on the table for them. On a trip such as this, there is no room for individuals who want to be indulged or pampered and individual whims cannot be catered for.

Consequently this trip will not be automatically appropriate for any previous Edelweiss customer. Please think carefully about whether this style of trip is appropriate for you by reading our notes below. It is not fun for you or the rest of the group if your riding skills, the type of bike or your attitude is not appropriate for this type of trip.

Having said that, the DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION team and support network provide you with an invaluable safety net, offering expert preparation and travel advice both before you start and en route, and problem solving throughout the trip to ensure that you can get

the most out of it, in what can sometimes be demanding and difficult conditions. Preparation

This type of expedition naturally requires riders to put in

considerable personal preparation and bike preparation before the journey commences. This requires significant effort well before the trip starts and this makes it different to a standard Edelweiss motorcycle tour.

Personal preparation will often mean taking additional motorcycle training both on and off road, ensuring a good level of health and fitness and may be learning some basic words in new languages.

You will need to ensure an extensive array of paperwork is in place (facilitated by Edelweiss/GlobeBusters), have the correct type of clothing and motorcycle kit. Doing your own personal research about the route also enhances your journey dramatically.

Bike preparation means ensuring you have your machine equipped with the essential accessories that you have practiced packing your bike, that you have ridden your modified bike to be sure that you feel comfortable with it. Don't let this seem too much! All this preparation is carefully documented for you in an easy

to follow checklist and calendar countdown and our expedition team will always be on hand via email or phone to assist you with any questions you may have.

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 4/28 Duration

The duration of this expedition will make it the longest supported motorcycle expedition taking place in the

world to date. Having such an extensive period of time away is not something that usual Edelweiss riders will have had to cope with before. The long duration has its

ups and downs. The upside means you can totally immerse yourself in the experience without having to think about going home, allowing you time outside of

your normal daily routine to test yourself in a totally different environment. The downside is that it can bring travel fatigue, culture shock or homesickness. Travel fatigue is simply the wear of constant day to day travel on your bike and not being in

one place for any period of time, as well as the exposure to many different cultures that you may find difficult to acclimatise to. Being away from home for such long periods can be emotionally

difficult for those who have left partners and family behind. In order to try and combat these types of issues, our itinerary includes appropriate rest days as well as having periods of time

between each leg of the trip where riders may fly home (subject to freight and customs requirements for the motorcycles) or where friends and family can join a rider for a short holiday in some of the key start / leave locations, such as Mieming, Buenos Aires, Los

Angeles, Sydney and Beijing. Itinerary

The dates provided for our overall itinerary and each section are approximate and are subject

to change, depending on many factors, some of which will be beyond the control of Edelweiss & GlobeBusters. Unlike a normal Edelweiss tour where schedules are mostly fixed and certain, due to the very nature of the DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION (long distances in many developing countries), all itineraries must be flexible and may change en route, although we

do not expect significant alterations. The published itinerary is a fair indication of the schedule, but it is not intended to be an absolute statement of fact. Overland travel is subject to delays and itinerary alterations for

many reasons, including politics, climate, bureaucracy, vehicle breakdowns and accidents or illness. In addition for 1DE, the air freighting of all riders' bikes (see below) adds another element of

uncertainty, as freight schedules are not fixed, cargo can be off loaded without warning and customs procedures for the temporary import of vehicles may change. This adds another layer of unpredictability that we as organisers have to manage en route, and may cause schedules to slip from those published.

If you are a person who expects everything to go exactly as planned and find it difficult to adjust to last minute changes, then this is not the trip for you! Flexibility is the key. What we do promise is that all arrangements will be checked and double checked and where

things look like they will not go as originally planned, changes will be communicated to you in a timely manner. We will manage all subsequent group changes to the itinerary; you will just need to re-arrange any other personal arrangements you may have had in place.


Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 5/28 Own Bike

In order to participate in this trip, riders need to provide their own bike (the motorcycle title or registration document must be in the name of the rider), which must be suitable for this

type of trip. We recommend that this is a medium to large dual purpose bike that is capable of going on gravel as well as road. Unlike Edelweiss standard tours, motorcycle rental is not available.

We truly believe that such a ride needs to be undertaken by man (or woman) and machine as one. All the pre-trip preparations to your bike are vital and your familiarity with your motorcycle is a

key success factor in completing this trip. If you need to purchase a motorcycle for 1DE, Edelweiss will be happy to give you advice where and how you best get your new bike!

Freight, Customs & Borders

The huge scale of this trip means that your personal bike will be freighted between continents. All freight movements are planned

to be by air. Motorcycles are also subject to customs formalities for the temporary import of vehicles in and out of countries (whether entering by air or crossing land borders); invariably, this needs the rider to be personally present. Riders will need to

understand that customs procedures, in particular, are not flexible and will not allow the organisers to do this on your behalf. This type of activity is one which is not often encountered on Edelweiss

tours. Consequently, riders will need to be prepared to be actively involved in the shipping (taking bikes to the warehouse, crating, signing off documentation) and customs procedures, as well

as taking their motorcycle through all land borders. Such formalities can often be frustrating and bureaucratic, but again they do provide some hilarious tales from the road and are often experiences that riders will not forget in a hurry!

Self sufficiency

In contrast to another Edelweiss tour, 1DE will require a much higher degree of participants being able to take care of themselves during this trip and act on their initiative. In principle, this means

taking care of yourself (your health, hygiene and safety), looking after your bike en route (daily checks & basic maintenance) and being responsible for your own route navigation, all within the

safety net provided by the expedition team and support vehicle. Remember, your expedition team is always on hand with help and advice, but they do not do the end of day bike checks for everyone, clean bikes, nor take on your own personal matters, such as doing your laundry, carrying your

important documents or accompanying you to meals every day. Riders need to be able to check their bikes at the end of each day and do things such as top up oils, tighten any loose nuts and bolts, clean air filters after a dusty ride. Riders should start

the trip with a basic knowledge of such matters and our mechanic will also advise en route.

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 6/28 More serious matters such as mechanical failure or crash damage will be dealt with by the expedition team, in conjunction with you, to ensure the best solution possible. Additionally, this type of expedition means that riders should expect

to navigate their way to each destination by using maps, daily route notes and / or by GPS and if this is not the case, riders can elect to travel with tour guides at the set times given. Again, individual

riders cannot dictate the pace of the trip, start or leave times, to suit themselves. In overview, you will need to be pro-active to manage your own

trip, but will always have the best advice on hand when you need it. The more you put into your trip, the more you will get out of it and the more the expedition team will be able to give you the required support.

Off the beaten track destinations

The DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION travels through third world and developing countries that are not currently on any other Edelweiss itineraries. These off the beaten track destinations will

mean more challenging riding conditions, in places where the infrastructure can be very poor. Consequently, riders cannot expect to be cruising on good asphalt roads, with high standard hotels and top quality cuisine at the end of each day. Unlike normal Edelweiss

tours, riders must be prepared to "rough it" when travelling in remote locations and still keep smiling! The more continual demanding riding requires that you are an experienced rider, not a novice, riding an appropriate bike. There are some gravel roads, some long mileage days (400-500 miles) and much chaotic urban traffic in developing countries,

with many new hazards to deal with. Therefore, you need to have basic off road skills (either having done a course or have some previous experience of trail riding) so you feel comfortable in tackling dirt roads. This trip is not about sticking only to the

asphalt! Getting remote sometimes means taking back roads ­ whilst being marked on a map, often they are not paved. You should also be a competent and experienced road rider, be

able to apply advanced riding techniques in cornering and overtaking, have excellent slow control so that you can manoeuvre your bike in tight spaces (be able to do a feet-up U-

turn) and generally feel that your bike is your second home!



Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 7/28 Poor infrastructure in some countries will mean coping without the basics of Western life for parts of the trip. Basic accommodation may mean staying in local family homes ("homestays") or that the best hotel in town still does not have hot water or private

bathroom facilities. Whilst seemingly difficult and frustrating at the time, especially if the days ride has been long and tiring, these types of hardships often

provide the best memories for riders after the trip! Let us reassure you, for around 90% of the time you will be staying in good standard hotels; it is broadly

some parts of Africa, Western China and Central Asia where sometimes conditions can be less than optimal. You also need to be prepared for the fact that Western food is not always available, so be prepared to eat local delicacies. Again if you are expecting that your own individual tastes

can be catered for all of the time, this is not going to be realistic. Vegetarians can sometimes have a difficult time, but this in itself is not a bar to experiencing this expedition.










Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 8/28 SOS Children's Villages This worldwide concept was started in 1949 to help children, who

lost their parents in WW II to grow up, receive care and attention and be educated in a SOS-family. The children are living in small groups in their own "house" with their own "SOS Children's Village

mother". Each village consists of 15 houses and forms its own community within a surrounding village or town. Today there are around 500 SOS villages and around 1900 SOS centers and schools

around the world, giving shelter, warmth and education to almost 78.000 children and teenagers. The reasons for accepting a child as a SOS child are nowadays quite varied and go from being left alone by their parents, drug abuse, disrupted families, to just living by

themselves on the streets of a big city. We have visited SOS children's villages in Europe and Africa in the past ten years during various Edelweiss tours. Getting to know these kids and of course

their "mothers" as well as all the other people working for them is quite an experience. It brings us closer to the children and improves our understanding of the current situation of this country's society

in many respects.

In addition to the original concept of children's villages SOS has established youth centers, kindergardens, schools and other centers of professional training for youngsters and their families as well as

social centers, medical centers and other programms to help. So we plan to visit a number of these and other centers in Europe,

Africa, the Americas and Asia along the route ­ about one visit per section. Every tour member can if he/she wants to, become a sponsor for one or more villages or for one of the other centers of

SOS children villages. Is this sponsorship included in the price for the expedition? No, it's not a toy run, but a great opportunity to help these children and to get to know the local people in a much more intense way! If you want to know more about the whole

concept of SOS children's villages go to: www.sos-childrensvillages.org

These visits within the tour are of course your decision. It is up to you whether you want to participate or not, it's just a golden opportunity.



Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 9/28 Meeting Edelweiss Motorcyclistssss in most of the 30 countries we cover on this expedition Riders and passengers who have joined one or more of our tours in the last 30 years come from all over the world. There is a big

fraternity of Edelweiss Worldtourers in Europe, the Americas and Australia, but only a few in Asia and Africa. During this expedition we will make contact with some of these

motorcyclists and this is another opportunity to connect to the locals and perhaps make friends for life.

We will encourage these local friends of ours to join us on some of the rides for a few hours or a day and there will also be evening events when perhaps a larger group will join us for drinks and fairy tales. These events will be arranged as we go along and may change

significantly from country to country. Both of these projects, the SOS children's villages and the Edelweiss

Worldtourer fraternity, are opportunities to understand each country, each culture and perhaps the world in a better way.

We will use them as we see fit during the expedition. Section 1Section 1Section 1Section 1 November 14 - December 18, 2010Europe & Africa Countries: Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Morocco,

Western Sahara, Mauritiania, Mali, Gambia, Senegal. From Western Europe to Black Africa in fewer miles than it takes to cross the USA or Australia. Never have

changes in societies and cultures been so extreme in such a relatively short distance. The world literally evolves before your eyes as you ride. Plus, as you cross the Sahara

Desert you realise that you have achieved a major personal landmark right at the start of the adventure!




Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 10/28 Highlights: · The Alps, Paris, the Pyrenees and the Costa del Sol · Wander through the magnificent Roman ruins at Volubilis · Step back in time as you explore the Berber markets in Chefchaouen · Superb twisting riding roads through the Atlas Mountains · Fish for your own dinner off the Western Sahara coast · Explore the bustling street scenes of Kayes in Mali and ride off road in the `iron hills'. · Spot the African wildlife on safari in Parc Nationale Niokolo Koba · Banter with street hustlers in Gambia · Reflect on the savagery of the slave houses at Ile de Goree, Dakar

Route Challenges: · Africa is not the place to practice your cornering skills or how fast you can go. As the pace of life slows, so must your miles per hour. · Riding the Diama Piste (gravel road) to Senegal is tricky business, so take care · Dealing with the intense heat of travelling through the Sahara Desert means you must carry lots of water and rest in the shadow · The many tricky and bureaucratic African border crossings; be prepared to negotiate and maybe

handover a "cadeau" · The ever changing condition of roads in Senegal will keep you on your toes and test your riding skills to the maximum · Coping with the poverty and cultural differences in Africa can be difficult

Week 1 We start in the center of the universe in the Austrian Alps ride along lakes and across

mountains into France. To make it the real thing we spend half a day in Paris and will handle the traffic there easily. Then it's the start at Champs Elisee' with a clear direction: Dakar! The Massiv Central will provide great riding with the weather permitting and crossing the

Pyrenees will be the next challenge! Riding along the Costa del Sol is another highlight before getting to Malaga! Week 2

Mountain riding to the Berber town of Chefchoauen. Explore the Roman Ruins at Volubilis. The Atlas Mountains. Stay in a traditional riad at Cascades d'Ouzoude. Enjoy fresh fish and soak up the atmosphere in the narrow streets of the port of Essaouira. Option to ride

spectacular gravel road mountain routes around Tafraoute. Visit ancient hilltop Kasbahs

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 11/28 Week 3 Head south along the Atlantic Coast into Western Sahara. Catch your own meal in the sea off Sidi Akhfennir. See lonely shipwrecks at Tarfaya. Blast through lonely sandcapes and distant dunes. Cross the old minefield into Mauritania! Negotiate for food and fuel in lonely desert

outposts. Enjoy good food and Mauritanian hospitality in Nouakchott. Emerge from the desert to the vibrancy and welcome of Black Africa. Relax in the colonial coolness and world class fare of Hotel Residence in St Louis

Week 4 Explore the `Serengeti-esque' roads of northern Senegal. Dodge the half wrecked cars and

trucks on the main roads. Enjoy the local culture of remote mud-hut villages. Ride the Baobab forest in Western Mali. Negotiate with street traders in the bustle of Kayes. Visit the ancient French fortress in the Mali hills. Relax in the `Relais' of Tambacounda. Go on Safari in Simenti and watch exotic wildlife with awe. Ride into the tropical region of West Africa

Week 5 Cross into The Gambia and experience the culture shock of speaking English again. Be humbled by the history of lonely Georgetown and the welcome of their dignified residents. Go

hippo watching. Ride the challenging `south river road' towards Banjul. Banter with friendly police at Mandinar-Bar. Fill UK tourists with awe of your journey at the resort in Banjul. Ride back into Senegal and enjoy the rural scenes and mixed roads. Arrive in the hustle of Dakar,

with its amazing street scenes and sights. Visit Ile de Goree and relax on this most relaxing and colourful island Notes / Question:

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 12/28 Section 2 January 2 - March 7, 2011South America Countries: Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia


· Thrilling dancing at the best tango bar in Buenos Aires (Argentina) · Wildlife watching at Peninsula Valdez (Argentina) · Crossing the Magellan Straits & Ushuaia, the most southern city in the world, reachable by road. (Argentina) · The Biosphere Reserve of Torres del Paine National Park (Chile) · Visit to the Perito Moreno Glacier, El Calafate (Argentina) · The spectacular Southern Road in Chile ­ Carretera Austral · La Paz, the highest capital city in the world (Bolivia) · Lake Titicaca & visit the floating reed islands of Uros (Bolivia) · Inca Capital, Cusco & optional visit to Machu Picchu (Peru) · Option to fly over the Nasca Lines (Peru) · Crossing the Equator, north of Quito (Ecuador) Route Challenges: · long riding days on the Argentine Atlantic coast (400+ miles) · strong winds on the gravel roads of Ruta 40 (Argentina) · tackling the chaos of latino city traffic (everywhere!) · coping with high altitudes in Bolivia & Peru (up to 4,800m) · twisty Andean mountain roads & the dirt road of Canyon del Pato

Week 1 Collect bikes in Buenos Aires and celebrate at the best tango bar in town! Travel across the

wide rolling grasslands of The Pampas. Ride the Atlantic coast south. Stop at Puerto Madryn for wild life watching. Patagonia, wild and remote, its strong winds will battle you for control of your bike!

Week 2 Take a ferry across the Magellan Straits to Tierra del Fuego. Only 400 more miles to Ushuaia,

the most southern town reachable by road in the world. Tierra del Fuego National Park and the "End of the Road" Sign. Turn back, heading north to Chile's most famous national park, Torres del Paine. A day to explore this breathtaking World Heritage listed landscape. Cross to Argentina and to El Calafate. Ride to Perito Moreno Glaciar. Why not try ice trekking?

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 13/28 Week 3 North on Argentina's "Route 66" ­ Ruta 40! Spend a night on a traditional estancia eating local lamb asado. Back to Chile and the beautiful waterfalls, fjords, lakes and mountains of the Carretera Austral. Return to the Argentine Lake District and the pristine town of Bariloche.

Week 4 Another return to Chile and the Pan American Highway to the capital, Santiago. Some time

off here to service the bikes, have important rest days and explore this city! Week 5

Northern Argentina and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Quebrada de Humahuaca, incredible cliff faces of many different shades. Another country ­ Bolivia, one of the poorest countries in the world. Visit the red canyons of Tupiza. Explore the old silver mines in the colonial town of Potosi. You are over 4,000 metres high here, so watch out for the effects of

high altitude. Week 6

The breathtaking heights in La Paz, the highest capital city in the world. Cross Lake Titicaca on tiny wooden barges and spend a night in Copacabana, where you can get your motorcycle blessed at their 16th century shrine. Visit the floating reed islands of Uros, from the city of

Puno. Week 7 Arrive at the Inca capital, Cusco, and explore the ancient examples of Inca architecture

alongside the Spanish colonial buildings and cathedrals. Enjoy a ride along the Sacred Valley to the Inca fortress, Ollantaytambo. Option to do a day visit to Machu Picchu. Descend the Andes to the town of Nasca and discover the Nasca Lines & desert cemetery of Chaucilla.

Week 8 Venture back into the high Andes by a terrific twisting mountain route. Take the challenge of

Canyon del Pato ("Duck Canyon"), a narrow dirt road alongside the canyon. Coastal Peruvian desert roads north to Ecuador, where you will ride across the Equator! Another major landmark on your adventure.

Week 9 Colombia! Some of the most picturesque Andes riding through lush green mountains and cloud forests, along the ever snaking roads. Visit the famous Gold Museum in Bogota. Freight

the bikes onto the next leg. Notes / Question:

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 14/28 Section 3 March 8 - April 11, 2011Mexico & Central America Countries: Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala,


Highlights: · Watching giant ships squeeze through Miraflores Lock on the Panama Canal (Panama) · Gaze at the plumes of smoke from the Arenal Volcano, one of the most active in Central America (Costa Rica) · Chill out in Nicaragua's pacific beach villages. · Marvel at the extensive Mayan ruins at Copan (Honduras) · Oaxaca & the Zapotec ruins at Monte Alban (Mexico) · Be mesmerised by the famous cliff divers of Acapulco (Mexico) · Stroll through the colonial gems of San Miguele de Allende & Zacatecas (Mexico)

Route Challenges: · Many busy border crossings in a short space of time in Central America can try anyone's patience. · The heat and humidity of the lowlands will cause you to sweat more than the traffic. · Never trust the tarmac ­ potholes, gravel, animals and people abound. Speed is not your friend here. Play it cautious and give yourself time to see everything. · Tortillas and refried beans are not to everyone's tastes. Be prepared to eat differently and maybe react badly! Week 1 Panama & Costa Rica

Enjoy a traditional Panamanian folkloric show & dinner in Panama City. Visit the Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal. Ride across the Bridge of the Americas as we head out of the city on the Pan America Highway. Rainforests and Pacific beaches feature throughout Costa Rica

and the smoking Arenal Volcano is not to be missed! Week 2

Nicaragua & Honduras In Nicaragua, we relax at tiny Pacific beach villages and ride to the colonial masterpiece of the town of Granada on the shores of Lake Nicaragua. Crossing Honduras, we head for the spectacular Mayan ruins at Copan, one of Central America's most major sites.


Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 15/28 Week 3 Guatemala: More than any other Central American country, Guatemala retains its indigenous roots and traditions. The Guatemalan Highlands present great riding with plenty of tiny villages. Chichicastenango has the best local market in Guatemala. Antigua Guatemala is

another superb example of colonial architecture. We finish with a night on the shores of Lake Atitlan.

Week 4 & 5 Mexico & USA From the Central Highlands to the Pacific Highway, we ride north through Mexico, visiting the

ancient ruins of Monte Alban at Oaxaca and watching the cliff divers of Acapulco. Along the way, there are many examples of the Spanish influence in San Cristobel, Patzcuaro, San Miguele and Zacatecas. We ride as far north as Parrall, famous for the assassination of Pancho Villa, and into the

snaking roads through the Sierra Tarahumara to the tiny town Creel, before heading to the coast and the ferry to Baja California, our transition to the USA. With a quick stop in San Diego, it's onto Los Angeles for the end of the Americas leg and onward freight to Australia.




Section 4 April 20 - May 19, 2011AustraliaStates: New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia,

Northern Territory, Western Australia

Highlights: · World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains National Park · Ride the sweeping bends of the Great Ocean Road & see the Twelve Apostles · Visit the majesty of Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Red Centre and experience the Aboriginal culture · Marvel at ancient art, rocky escarpments and the pristine wetlands of the world heritage site, Kakadu National Park · The marine wildlife on Ningaloo Reef · Deep gorges and canyons in Karijini National Park

Route Challenges: · East to West and South to North; you are truly traversing the whole of this continent · Australia is vast and there are immense distances to cover so be prepared for long riding days

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 16/28 · Scorching temperatures across the deserts of the Red Centre ­ maybe even sandstorms! · Tackling the end of the wet season in the north ­ some humidity · Beware of the wildlife - kangaroos and camels - and the massive road trains over 70 metres long! · The Gibb River Road Loop ­ dirt road riding across The Kimberleys



Week 1 Sydney ­ Coober Pedy Ride the Blue Mountains, the best mountain riding in Australia! Then it's coast bound for the Great Ocean Road. Head to the Adelaide Hills. Push on to the fringe of the Great Victorian Desert, where we end up at the quirky underground town of Coober Pedy.

Week 2 Coober Pedy - Darwin

Red rocks to big crocs! Discover Australia's Red Centre and its many hidden gems amongst this vast sun scorched, ancient and unforgiving landscape, including Uluru (Ayers Rock). Be amazed at the endless straight road through the desert! Rest over at Alice Springs before continuing north to Darwin.

Week 3 Darwin ­ Broome

Welcome to the "Top End"! From Darwin, desert gives way to rocky `scarps, pristine gorges. Ride the Gibb River Road to Derby through The Kimberleys. End your week with a swim in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Watch the sunset

over Cable Beach, enjoying with your cold beer! Week 4 Broome ­ Perth

From Port Hedland, head through Aboriginal Land to Karijini National Park, an intricate system of gorges. Then enjoy what Australia is famous for ­ it's beautiful beaches. Sand so white and clean it literally squeaks between your feet! View the abundant marine life on Ningaloo

Reef, one of WA's best kept secrets. Arrive in Perth for the onward freight of bikes. Note:

In September 2010, which is 7 months before the DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDTION reaches Australia; we will scout this Australian section together with a small group of Edelweiss

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 17/28 Worldtourers. As a result of this scouting tour there may be changes in the above route and duration in order to make it the ultimate experience for riders and passengers on the DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDTION. We are looking forward to both of these experiences Down Under in September 2010 and April/May 2011!

Notes / Question:



Section 5 May 26 - July 20, 2011China, Central Asia & Europe Countries: China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria

Our motorcycle journey around the globe would not be complete without riding the legendary Silk Road from the East to the West of China. It is yet another epic route


· Beijing, the Chinese capital, where you can stroll through the ancient palaces of the Forbidden City and take a ride out to the Great Wall of China. · View the masterpieces of Buddhist cave art and statues in 252 caves at the Yungang Grottoes (Datong) · With its five flat peaks, the Buddhist Mount Wutai, is the highest mountain in Northern China and covered in Buddhist temples and monastries · Wander through the 14thcentury Walled City of Ping Yao, an exceptionally well preserved example of a

traditional Han Chinese city. · Marvel at the endless rows of warriors, horses and armoury of the Terracotta Army in Xian · Rest at the legendary oasis of Turpan and see the Afghan style, Emin Minaret. · The leafy Kazak capital, Almaty, at the foot of the snow-capped Tian Shan Mountain Range · Visit Turkistan to see Kazakhstan's greatest architectural monument, the mausoleum of the first great Turkic Holy Man, Yasaui.

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 18/28 · Stopover in Aralsk, once an important fishing port on the Aral Sea, now lost in the desert, with the new shoreline over 60kms away. · The ancient town of Kazan and the white limestone walls of its Kremlin, in the city's historical centre. · Volgograd, the site of one of the bloodiest and strategically most decisive battles of World War II · Relax and chill out in the Black Sea resorts on the Crimea Peninsula (Ukraine) · Absorb the stunning beauty and delightful roads through the High Tatras Mountains

Route Challenges

· riding through urban traffic in China is "combat motorcycling"; you need to be constantly alert and have "eyes in the back of your head" · the different food and difficulty with language means you may suffer from culture shock here, more than

anywhere else on this expedition · expect tedious border crossings, too much bureaucracy and plenty of searches by overzealous Customs officials in the ex-Soviet countries. Week 1

Whilst our bikes are being flown to the Chinese capital, we have time to stroll through the Forbidden City, take a tour out to the Great Wall or just get lost wandering through the "hutongs", historical charming alleyways and courtyard houses of the past. With our bike formalities completed, we ride out of the city to Datong. In Datong, we have time to visit the

breathtaking Yungang Grottoes and come face to face with giant Buddhist cave art. Week 2

We ride south and see other spectacular UNESCO sites along the way ­ Mount Wutai and the old walled city of Ping Yao. We have a day off here to explore the old fortress and traditional Han Chinese buildings. It's onward to Xi'an, the start of the Silk Road! Walk around the

Ancient City Walls and visit the Bell and Drum Tower. There is time off the bike to visit one of the most famous archaeological finds in the world, The Terracotta Army. From here, we head west to Gansu Province to the rickety old temples and chilled atmosphere of Tianshui and onto Linxia.

Week 3 We enter the Hexi Corridor, once the only western passage to and from Eastern China. On this

traditional Silk Road route, we ride to Xining and onto Zhangye, where Marco Polo spent over a year - there is even a statue in his honour. You can also see the largest reclining Giant Buddha statue in the world here. Jiayugan is a defining point of the Silk Road, with an

impressive Ming dynasty fort and marks the symbolic end of the Great Wall. We continue to

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 19/28 follow the Silk Road from here to the remote town of Dunhuang, nestled near the Mingsha Sand Dunes, & time to visit the Mogao Caves. Week 4

Our final week in China, we continue our journey and enter Xinjiang Province for a stopover in the town of Hami, famous for its melons! Turpan will be our base to explore view the ancient city of Jiaohe, the Emin Minaret and the Flaming Mountains. Then it's onto Urumqi, the

capital of Xinjiang, based in the foothills of the Tian Shan. The frontier town of Yining is our final stop in China. It rarely sees Westerners, so you'll be the object of curiousity!

Week 5 We enter Kazakhstan, the world's ninth biggest country, and ride to the leafy capital of Almaty where we have a day off. Almaty will surprise you with its modern Eurasian feel! In Taraz, we can sample the locally produced vodka(!), before we reach Turkistan and see one of

Kazakhstan's greatest architectural sites, the magnificent mausoleum of Yasaui. After this, we have some long remote riding days ahead of us, north to Aralsk, a former fishing port on a now non-existent Aral Sea shoreline, then to Aqtobe and the border town of Uralsk (closer to

Vienna than Almaty!). Week 6

In Russia, we head north to Kazan, one of the oldest cities in Russia and with UNESCO listed Kremlin in its historical centre, along with the 59m leaning Syuyumbike Tower. We stay a day to explore the back streets and then ride to Volgograd ­ formerly Stalingrad, this city saw the bloodiest battle of World War II and created history. Then it's off to catch the ferry to the

Crimea Peninsula and the Ukraine. Week 7

We spend a few days enjoying the Black Sea resort of Yalta and also Odesa, (try exploring the network of underground tunnels), before heading inland to the fortressed hamlet of Kamyanets-Podilsky. From here, we head to Slovakia through the beautiful twisty roads in the

Carpathian Mountains to the border town of Uzhgorod. Week 8 Our final week of the DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION sees us entering back into Europe.

Slovakia joined the EU in 2004! We ride to the alpine, snow-capped High Tatras Mountains and enjoy more mountain scenery before going to the hustle and bustle of the capital city of Bratislava. Then it's our final country. We are back to Austria and with a celebration in the

Historic Centre of Salzburg, we then roll into our original start point ­ Mieming and the Edelweiss HQ! What an amazing ride discovering our whole earth!

Notes / Question:







Prices and services provided This is the longest motorcycle expedition that was ever offered on our earth both in distance: 64 000 km / 40 000 miles and duration:

248 days / over 35 weeks / over 8 months / 2/3 of a year! No matter how you look at it, it will be a part of your lifetime.


Pricesfor the entire 1DE: November 14, 2010 - July 20, 2011Rider US$ 101,200

Passenger US$ 55,600

Single room supplement: US$ 27,800

These prices include the following services for participation in the entire DISCOVER OUR

EARTH EXPEDTION (1DE): · Tour planning, route selection, selection of hotels and other accommodation, provision of route information, scouting the

entire route well in advance, searching for highlights and sites to visit, obtain information needed for border crossings, local permits, air freight arrangements, cargo insurance, customs

procedure (this is a continuing process during the next 14 months!) · Participation in the 30 years Edelweiss Biker Meeting in Mieming, Austria Wednesday Sep 8 ­ Sunday Sep 12, 2010 including on and off-road training on your own motorcycle. This is 2 months before the

start of the DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDTION and the ideal opportunity to clarify all

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 21/28 questions you might have about riding, equipment, clothing, safety relevant questions, and you will get to know some if not all members of your expedition team! · Hotel bed and breakfast accommodation for all 248 days, on a shared basis (ie two riders or a rider and passenger sharing a room). "All 248 days" means that we provide hotel bed & breakfast* accommodation for 1DE participants at the start and end destinations of

each 1DE Section so that a participant who books for the whole tour has no extra hotel costs, provided (s)he flies on the set dates between sections. · One group evening meal per week (chosen from specified menu with one soft drink or beer or glass of wine) · Air freight of bike from Dakar to Buenos Aires (1DE riders only) · Air freight of bike from South America to Panama City (1DE riders only) · Air freight of bike from Los Angeles to Sydney (1DE riders only) · Air freight of bike from Perth to Beijing (1DE riders only) · In-transit insurance for all bikes during freight (subject to US$ 430



deductible), airline warehouse storage costs and handling fees, plus costs of all freighting documentation (ie dangerous goods certificates, airway bills) (1DE riders only) · All local guides in China and Central Asia and local support vehicles/drivers. · All Chinese permissions and documentation (ie temp driving licence, 3rd party compulsory vehicle insurance, temporary registration plates) · Two motorcycles guides (expedition first aid trained, qualified in advanced motorcycle riding) · One support vehicle carrying tools, spare parts, emergency first aid, water, fuel and other emergency supplies. The support vehicle will also carry a non-functional motorcycle and /

or injured or ill passenger (subject to maximum capacity) · One support driver, also acts as a mechanic, available to assist clients with emergency roadside repairs. · 1DE T-shirt, 1DE stickers · Provision of 1DE Guidance Notes / 1DE Information package, daily route notes, GPS points (where available). · Participation in Edelweiss Worldtourer Meetings on each section of the 1DE. · Visits to SOS Children's Villages and other SOS Social Service Centers on each section of the 1DE including one donation of US$ 3,700 for a child or a SOS Service Center chosen by each participant in the entire 1DE. This donation can also be split to more than one child or service Center, but the total amount for the entire 1DE will remain at US$ 3,700. Services NOT included in the 1DE tour price: · Costs of international passenger flights to get to the start, at the end and between each leg. For clarity, nor does it include

the passenger flight from South America to Panama City. 1DE riders and passengers will be an international group as is the case for most Edelweiss tours. So people will come from

different continents and they also may choose to fly home or elsewhere between 1DE sections providing this is possible with the air freight and customs procedures. We are of course happy

to provide air travel for you if you let us know your exact requirements, for an appropriate price.

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 22/28 · Getting the motorcycle of the 1DE rider to the start point in Europe. Start and Finish is in Mieming, Austria which is 160 km/ 100 miles south of Munich, Germany International Airport. We will be happy to quote you a price for air freighting your bike to Munich and from Munich back home. · Getting the motorcycle back to the home of the 1DE rider from the official overall end point in Europe. · Any costs relating to country entry visas, border crossings, passport for the 1DE participants · Any running costs relating to the 1DE riders motorcycle (ie fuel, servicing, tyres, repairs, parts, & other consumables, toll roads fees, penalties arising from infractions such as speeding etc). · Costs of carnet for the 1DE riders motorcycle · Travel insurance to include cover for costs arising from any hospitalisation, treatments from any accident or injury arising from riding a large motorcycle · 3rd party motorcycle insurance for Europe, Central Asia, Mexico, Central & South America and Australia · Any additional costs in having to air freight or sea freight a motorcycle to a 1DE riders home destination from a point in the journey which is not listed as the official group freight above, due to a client terminating the journey early because of accident, illness or through free choice. · Any additional costs relating to repatriation of the 1DE rider or passenger back home due to illness or accident · Any costs of bringing the motorcycle to the air freight departure and collection point and being present for any customs formalities · Any costs for personal transportation to and from airports · Any meals or drinks other than explicitly stated · Sightseeing or other activities unless explicitly stated. Entrance fees to National Parks that we ride through are included. · Any hotels before or after the official start and end point (for either the overall trip or sections thereof) · Any additional costs due to unforeseen circumstances eg political instability or civil unrest, adverse natural phenomena, which may mean altering routes, additional freight/hotel costs.

Clients must provide their own bike which must be appropriate for the journey and appropriately equipped, together with motorcycle gear (helmet, jacket, trousers, boots, waterproofs etc) and any other essential recommended equipment or accessories (eg GPS).

*Hotel Bed & Breakfast Hotel accommodation will have significant variation in quality and facilities depending on our

location. We normally aim for 3*/4* hotels or equivalent, where available, but try to stay away from huge international chains, although this is not always possible. In very remote places clients may only have a shared dormitory room, with only outside squat

toilets and no showers. However for more than 85% of the time, clients will have a shared room with en suite facilities, hot water, satellite TV.

Breakfast will also vary significantly en route and be in keeping with local foods. Clients will

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 23/28 not get a full Western style breakfast each day. Where breakfasts are meagre, GBL supplements with additional fruits, juices, coffee/tea and cereals (where available). The prices for the entire 1DE do include all hotel nights from the start to the end including

the nights between the sections (248 days)! Participation and Prices in Sections of the DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION (1DE)This is possible for a number of sections as indicated here. We do give preference to riders and

passengers participating in the entire 1DE. Please keep in mind that there will be additional charges for freighting your bike to the starting point and the finish point of one or more sections.

Section prices: Section 1: Mieming, Austria to Dakar, Senegal (35 days) Rider: US$ 9,600 Passenger: US$ 5,300 Single Room Supplement: US$ 2,300 Section 2 + 3: (Sections 2 or 3 only not possible!) Buenos Aires, Argentina to Los Angeles USA (101 days) Rider: US$ 38,400 Passenger: US$ 21,100



Single Room Supplement: US$ 8,200 Section 5: Beijing, China to Mieming, Austria (56 days) Rider: US$ 31,600 Passenger: US$ 17,400 Single Room Supplement: US$ 5,500 Section 2, 3, 4 and 5: Buenos Aires, Argentina to Mieming, Austria (192 days) Rider: US$ 91,700 Passenger: US$ 50,500 Single Room Supplement: US$ 21,500

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 24/28 Section 1, 2 and 3: Meiming, Austria to Los Angeles, USA (150 days) Rider: US$ 54,000 Passenger: US$ 29,700



Single Room Supplement: US$ 12,300 Section 1, 2, 3 and 4: Mieming, Austria to Perth, Australia (185 days) Rider: US$ 77,700 Passenger: US$ 42,300



Single Room Supplement: US$ 15,000







Information: Information: The duration for each section does not correspond exactly with the dates given in the description. This is because of the times needed for bike shipments and customs clearance between the sections!












































































Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 25/28 TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR THEDISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDTION (1DETour operator is Edelweiss Bike Travel Reise Ges.m.b.H. (EBTR), Sportplatzweg 14, A-6414 Mieming, Austria.

EBTR is working with GlobeBusters Limited as a partner for the operation of the 1DE. Both companies have extended experience in motorcycle tours and expeditions. This experience is utilized on this longest motorcycle tour on our earth that was ever presented and operated. Tour booking form With your signature on the booking form you accept these Terms and Conditions as a binding contract between EBTR and you, the participant. EBTR cannot accept any tour participant without a duly signed booking form. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully. Release and waiver Every participant on a tour operated by EBTR is required to accept and sign a release and waiver form of rights before tour start. EBTR cannot accept any tour participant without a

duly signed release and waiver form. A copy of the release and waiver form will be supplied by EBTR to everyone booking the 1DE. Agents and representatives This DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDTION (1DE) can only be booked with EBTR and not through

any of our agents because of the amount of specific information needed to exchange between EBTR and the participants of 1DE. Reservation and deposit and payment schedule As a first step anyone interested in 1DE can obtain this information free of charge. After

reading about the details of 1DE those interested can get on the list of riders and passengers wanting to take part in this extraordinary project. This can be done by phone: +43.5264.5690 or e-mail: worldtours@edelweissbike.com and is without obligation. At this point EBTR will let

you know how large the list is at that point and also your position on the list. The next step is the formal reservation on 1DE. At that point a deposit of 10 % of the 1DE price is necessary to secure a place on 1DE. The maximum number of participants on this expedition is 20 riders.

Another 25 % of the 1DE price is due 6 months before the start of 1DE which is the 14th of May, 2010. The rest of the tour price for 1DE is due 3 months before tour start which is the 14th of August 2010. All payments have to be made in the form of cheque or bank transfer to EBTR. Details of the relevant EBTR account are included with the invoices sent to each

participant. Your own motorcycle You will ride your own motorcycle on 1DE. Detailed information about the type, condition and

additional equipment on your motorcycle will be provided for you well in advance of the start of 1DE. Price of 1DE includes All services and items included in the price of the 1DE are listed on pages 21 and 23 of this

information! Room allocation A limited number of single rooms are available at extra cost on a first come, first served basis,

but availability cannot be guaranteed in all locations. EBTR will find a room mate for riders

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 26/28 not specifying single room on their booking form, but this cannot be guaranteed, surcharge for single room may be applied. Baggage 1DE participants are responsible for their own luggage and will transport their own

possessions on their motorcycle. This is an expedition with every participant being self-sufficient. Cancellation and refunds Irrespective of the time and reason of a cancellation none of the payments are refundable. No

exception to this policy can be made for any reason. Transfer of booking (i) If the Participant(s) are prevented from travelling for any reason, they may transfer the

booking to another person, subject to written consent given by EBTR, provided that a minimum of three (3) months notice is given and the new participant fulfils the necessary requirements to join the expedition, including but not limited to the completion and signing of a booking form and a release and waiver document, as well as payment of a US$ 100

administration charge. (ii) After having paid a deposit and / or instalments for a trip, if a Participant wishes to transfer to an alternative Expedition for whatever reason, this is treated as a cancellation of

the original Expedition and a new booking for the alternative Expedition. Minimum 1DE participants Up to 3 months before 1DE start (up to August 14, 2010) EBTR can cancel 1DE if an insufficient number of 1DE participants have booked and fully paid by that time. Tour cancellation In this case, the participants will be notified forthwith. EBTR will offer to operate the tour if all customers agree to a supplemental charge due to the low number of tour members. If

customers do not accept to pay the supplement, EBTR will refund their payment in full, which will constitute full settlement. EBTR is not liable for any additional costs or losses incurred by the tour participant due to EBTR's cancellation of tour due to lack of participants. This

includes, but is not limited to, the cost of pre-paid airline tickets, hotel reservations and automobile rentals. Situations may arise which, in our opinion, make it necessary for us to cancel, advance or postpone sections of 1DE, change itineraries or make substitutions regarding hotels, cities, tour guides and other travel arrangements. In that event, we do not

assume responsibility or liability for any resulting losses, expenses or inconvenience. EBTR is not required to make refunds once tour commences, regardless of the reason for participant's being unable to complete his or her tour. Non-observance of traffic laws and group travel regulations If a 1DE participant does not comply with traffic laws or the requirements for group travel, the contract may be cancelled by EBTR and the non-complying 1DE participant cannot continue with 1DE. Photo and video material Photos and videos produced by EBTR or its representatives on 1DE are the property of EBTR. The copyrights are held by EBTR. EBTR is entitled to use all such material for advertising and

marketing purposes, including images in which individual tour members can be recognized,

Tour information DISCOVER OUR EARTH EXPEDITION 27/28 without the tour member being entitled to make any claim against EBTR for this use of material. Passport, visa, driving, health regulations, carnet and customs regulations The customer is responsible for complying with the above regulations and all consequences

resulting from non-compliance. Responsibility EBTR is responsible for providing the services listed in the tour description according to the local standard and the accurate description of services offered in its literature. EBTR carefully

selects and constantly checks its contractors, such as hotels and restaurants. EBTR is responsible for conscientious travel preparations. EBTR is not responsible or liable for any accidents. EBTR reserves the right without prior notice to withdraw any part or all of a tour, to

make such changes as may be necessary, and the extra cost, if applicable, resulting therefrom, shall be paid by the customer. Furthermore, it is agreed and understood that the owners, operators and agents of 1DE including EBTR and GlobeBusters are not the guardians of any

customer's safety and they, individually or collectively, cannot be held liable in any way for any occurrence in connection with the operation or the client's participation in connection with 1DE, which might result in injury, death or other damage to the client, his property, or his family, heirs, or assigns. EBTR is not responsible for any delays, changes in schedule or

other conditions. Alterations to tour schedule 1DE operates on a seasonal basis and where seasonal variances and/or weather conditions

cause changes in the tour routing or accommodations, the itinerary will be adjusted accordingly and alternate hotels and roads will be used. Weather conditions EBTR strives to schedule 1DE at a time of the year when the weather in the touring area is

usually acceptable for motorcycling. 1DE pass through areas where weather conditions can change very quickly and significantly. EBTR cannot be held liable for unpleasant or unsuitable weather conditions and no refunds are made for such conditions. 1DE prices Prices quoted in this information are those in effect at the time of printing. If cost factors, including but not limited to hotels, meals, insurance, international currency fluctuations etc., dictate the need for price increases, EBTR may do so at any time prior to 3 months before the

CEE start date. Insurance EBTR strongly recommends that you take out adequate travel, health and accident insurance

as well as trip cancellation insurance. Verbal changes of contract are invalid unless confirmed in writing by EBTR. Printing errors and calculation mistakes EBTR reserves the right to correct printing errors or calculation mistakes at any time.














If you still have questions after reading this 28 page information please send us an e-mail werner.wachter@edelweissbike.comor call +43.664.440.7266 or +43.5264.5690

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