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What can you tell me about the '04 boxer cup replicas? I totalled my '04 RT back in February and still haven't replaced it. Only negative I've read is about vibration? I guess with some sidecases and possible raising the bars it would make a decent tourer?



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tHE "S" model is an awesome tourer.


Not sure you'd hafta change the bars at all. Let yo body conform to the riding position and turn the key and the loud grip.


Get a set of Givi's and a Helen's rear bag, set of RokStraps and romp.!

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+1 on all of the above.


What vibration? It is as smooth as any boxer.


The bike is actually a lot happier with the bars under the clamp. It promotes good body position for twisty riding.


Stable at any speed, surprisingly good wind management and a >140 mph top end.


I have a set of bags (no brackets) that will fit.

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thanks-I was surprised reading about any vibration but I did read it several times. There is one available here locally and I might look at it this weekend.


thanks again



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