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Help troubleshooting an 1150 RT - rear brake

dan cata

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Hi all,


A friend of mine recently changed the engine on a 1150 RT, it's a 2001, 1 sparkplug / cyl.


The problem is on the rear brake not working. The ABS is flashing in the dash, and also the warning triangle. He tested the errors and it pointed to the brake pedal switch being faulty, but he tested the switch and everything is ok.


So the rear brake is inneficient, it is not working as it should. The brake bulb does not lit when the pedal is actioned but it lits when the front brake is pulled in.


Any thoughts on this?




Let me know if you need more information on this issue, so far that's all that I have.



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Sounds like a fault with the rear brake switch circuit. If the switch is functioning normaly (check it with a multimeter), then I would trace the wiring back and see if you have a shorted wire, something disconnected, or incorrectly connected.


I don't have a wiring diagram in front of me, but the circuit should be rather simple. I would get my hands on a repair manual that includes the wiring diagram and start tracing wires.

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Nevermind, problem solved... He called me and said that there was some wire loose touching the frame or engine or something like that :)



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He checked the rear brake microswitch?

Remember that on these bikes the microswitch goes open circuit when the pedal is pushed down

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