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Juhuuu, I'm back


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It only took about half a year (with 4 months no riding because of snow) to discover that Goldwing suited me like a rented Tuxedo.

Today I really felt like I found my own functional and comfort clothes back on - when I rode home with my brand new GSA -10

Yellow bike with ESA and full ALU-luggage set.

God it feels GOOOOOOOOD!


Seems it's fairly hard to go away when you've grown in BMW with previous R1100RS and R1200RT. Nothing compares with BMW:s comfort and ergonomics (when you prefer riding two up).

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I know that feeling....


And I'm totally green with envy thinking about all the endless gravel back-roads you have there in Finland, and in wrest of the Scandinavia for that matter.


You guys don't even know how lucky and privileged you are. There could be nothing better than touring the eastern and northern parts of Finland on a new GS.






You suck. :grin:




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Kyllä veromätkyt sitten palauttaa...

(inside joke among low Flying Finns)


Those endless gravel roads and other minor rural roads without any traffic have been the carrot for this donkey for a long time. Propably one of major reasons why the Wing didnt fit. OK, I'm not into chrome and circus lights either.

GSA is pretty close "the Ugly as can be" but I couldnt care less because I know how it goes...

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The first time I ever saw a GS I thought.. "What a fugly bike" But the longer I've looked at them, the more I like them. They had their own type of beauty. If I was going to get rid of the RT, it would be to go to a GS.


I've often thought more than once about it.........

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