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Productive Day


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So had Wednesday off....


Got the car MOT'd

Spray work done on the K1200S

Fitted the "accelerator" module on the RT

Washed the RT

Washed the old mans 1150R and took it for a spin.... (love that bike)


Love it when you get things done :-) Discovered a new polish from Muc-Off, Miracle Shine, very good stuff!

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My accelerator arrived today and installed in my 2007 R1200GS Adventure with 38,000+ miles.

Recent valve adjustment and rocker arm adjustment. Still running the original spark plugs (old ones look fantastic,fuel mileage still the same,new one's waiting to be installed at 40K).


Test run of 20 miles in city and on highway.

Today,cloudy 67°F, 82% humidity.

No real significant change in acceleration or idle on side streets at speeds of 20-45mph. Stop n go driving seemed the same as before plug install.

High speed driving @4000rpm's, little less vibres in the bars,...but still no real big difference with or without plug.


I must say,my bike has been running flawlessly. I always keep it in tune,use premium fuel,ride it spiritly but don't beat on it.


All in all I'd say a 10% improvement but that's about it.

Will test futher this weekend.

...that's a *weak* 10% improvment at most....


Really tho...if your bike is running fine, your definately not gonna have any *eye opening* changes/feels.

Like I said,and it could be the "placebo effect"....highway vibes down a touch but then my bike has had the computer upgrade,which made a world of a difference.

Some of the reports coming outta the UK has me wondering how bad their bikes must be mapped over there. Or...how outta tune their bikes really are. Some report their surging and or *lumpiness* has disappeared.

My bike has never ever surged or was subject to lumpiness?? what ever that is..


Steptoe reportly claims he does this upgrade to *his* customers bikes only.

It's his decision to release this info for others free of charge.


But it all boils down to "Pulse Wave Length" and the enrichment of the mixture.

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