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What are your motorcycle highlights for 2002?


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Here are my 2002 highlights. These are in order of how important they were to me.


Meeting bmwrt.com people. I always thought meeting a group of like minded riders could make riding much better. Now I know for sure. I enjoyed riding 10 times more because of the people I met this year.


My first long trip. 6 days riding solo from N. California to Montana to British Columbia. THAT was some ride!


Discovering RT’s and buying my own ’02. I never thought of a BMW as a bike I’d own. In the end things just worked out. I’m sure glad they did.


Personal record 24,000 miles in a year, (15,000 on the RT). I always wanted to ride more and this year was just about right.


My first Saddlesore 1000 mile day, on my previous bike. I liked the ride.


Working on my own bike. I want to do more.


For ’03 A 1500 mile day, Death Valley Days, Torrey, Eureka Springs and more of the above.

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Yeeha! Stephen

"Meeting bmwrt.com people"



That and meeting new BMW people in general.


Being brand new to BMW-dom and only having experience with Honda Clubs, the BMW & RT.com family has been an eye-opening affair.


The peak highlight was going to Gunnison for the UnRally and putting the dot.com names with the faces. Most importantly, discovering the real personalities behind the names vs my assumptions gathered from their writings.


Oh Man! Can't wait til the '03 season starts... look at how many new folks there are here that might show up at the Un'03!


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In July, I crashed.


Just the moment before, I looked down at the line of oil and the fact that it moved over to the left and converged with the yellow line, and the RS and I were between the two. I chose to move my line as far as far left as prudent since the turn was hidden by a hill and there might be oncoming traffic. I then looked up for the exit to the corner.


The crash occurred in the next moment. But, as time has passed, and I have reflected upon it, I find in that prior moment, I was living my life in control of my destiny to the highest level; I was truly Riding. The focus that's come to be placed on that moment makes it the brightest such time, and thus the highlight of my riding career, and not just the last year.


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Some of the highlights of last year, but by no means all of them were:


March – Finally breaking out of my commuter mold, and riding with Dick Frantz all the way to Lone Pine. And Back. In one day.


May -- My first trip to Torrey, Land o’ Hoons! crazy.gif


June --19 days of RTing around the country that included:

  • Riding from Southern California to Atlanta to by myself in four days – just to hug Kathy and Marty Hill
  • The days Kathy and I spent riding our RTs in the East, finishing every day someplace new, laughing at everything, and having the time of our lives
  • Kathy and I both waking up at 5:30 -- just in time to run down to the water and watch the sunrise over the ocean at Cape Hatteras (see avatar!)
  • Meeting Paul Mihalka at Bob’s BMW, even though it was because my RT was broken…
  • Kathy and I riding into Kathy’s driveway and finding the Chi-Town Crew standing out front applauding our arrival
  • Riding to the famous Highland House the next day
  • A day of riding throughout Colorado seeing the beauty of that state in a way I’d never seen it before smile.gif
  • Meeting countless people all across the country, and having them ask all about what I was doing out there alone on a motorcycle
  • Meeting countless Harley riders all across the country, and finding that they almost all knew about the electric windshield on the RT!!! shocked.gif

July -- The UnRally in Gunnsion -- it was great to see so many of you! Even though I had to get there in a car, it still counts in the motorcycle highlights


September -- Getting back on a bike for the first time after the crash, when the cast finally came off my ankle. Geez, what a great feeling.


Ocotber -- Another trip to Torrey!


All year long -- pulling off my boots and socks and sticking my feet in the water everywhere I went smile.gif


And there's still ten days left in this year...

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Well, I joined the Discussion Board in May, 2001, but I didn't meet the first DB person until the Christmas Party at ShortCut's one year ago. Time flies.


I had 21,000 miles on my RT at that point, and now I have 50,000.


Sometime early in the year I was handed the baton for BMWRT.com. I don't remember the date--it's all a blur since then! But here are the riding highlights for me:


  • April: Met Chi-Town crew for dinner after riding up there on business.
  • May: Chad's accident on the Cherohala. It was all bad news that he got hurt and totaled the bike, obviously, but it was memorable nonetheless.
  • May: Rode to Chicago and hooked up with Kathy R. to ride to Minneapolis for a get together at Tom (and Robyn) Roe's. Had a great trip along the Great River Road, following the Mississippi.
  • May: Mayhem in Virginia, where I met another 50+ members. The highlight was riding that one day: Gerry, Chris NYC, Buck, Spike, and tons of others. Road south with Pilgrim and sparked a friendship.
  • June: Road to GA and met Laney and Kathy at T.W.O, and then escorted them through the Smokies for a full day. I really had a great time.
  • June: An event at our home, with 31 riders joining us for Taste, Tech, Travel in Tennessee. The tech was fun, but the ride was awesome. Thinking about that ride with Pilgrim that day still gives me goosebumps (Mitch, if you'd learn to body steer you could have kept up smile.gif)!
  • July: Gunnison. Enough said, but I'm going to say it anyway. Riding out with Dave and Bill was super. We kicked some roads in the a$$. Then meeting a bunch more folks. And riding with Cary, Fernando, PhillyFlash, and others was just out of this world. Road back by myself in a very somber mood.
  • August: Took a long solo ride through TN and NC and WV and VA and OH, especially exploring OH 555.
  • September: Road the Texas Hill country with Polo, Steve McKinley, Rojen, Greg, and others. Got to hang out with Yeehaw Steve again, and meet Gustavo.
  • September: Left from there and road to Phoenix, where I got to ride again with PhillyFlash, Shelley, RussL, Al Schibi, and several others. (It's late--sorry about the gaps.)
  • October: After a long search, picked up my Ducati ST4s and have loved riding it (1,300 miles to date).
  • October: Kevin Schwantz high performance racing school for two days.
  • December: NYC Christmas Party, meeting a bunch more people, and then Chi-Town Christmas Party to see old friends.
  • December: Trials Training in TN last weekend.


All in all I hit 33 different states. Met 275 different BMWRT.com members. And besides these, I took countless trips to the Blue Ridge Parkway, Natchez Trace, Deal's Gap, and the Cherohala Skyway.


Great year, largely because of you all and the bike.


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Thanks Cory...what an awesome idea for a thread! smile.gif


Gosh...so many highlights for me.


I started riding with Dick Frantz and really working on controling the bike. As a result, I'm faster and in MUCH better control than I was before. But the best part was (and is) the journey.


DVD 7. Walking the Badwater Salt Flats with D Tool and rdfrantz talking about anything and everything. Breaking my throttle cable on the way to Dante's View and KNOWING...instantly...that Fernando would have a spare. Changing the cable in the cold and dark with D Tool. Riding back to SoCal behind Cary and watching him whip the RT through the corners in really high wind as if it was no big deal. If you ever want to see what can be done on an RT, go ride with Cary for a day.


My first trip to Torrey in May. Learning again what can be done on these bikes once you remove the demons and destractions of everyday life. Hitting the rev limiter in 5th gear.


The trip to Gunnison...hooking up with Gleno, Steve A, Jim Shoop, Fernando, Pepo, and Kris at Torrey and following them in to Paonia. Seeing Yeehaa Stephen and knowing immeditely, without a doubt who it was. smile.gif Dropping into a turn with Sean and Shelly behind me...missing ONE shift and watching Sean rocket past me like I was going backwards. Smiling and "Yeehaa"ing all the way across 92 to Crawford behind Sean and Shelly. Changing a throttle cable in a gas station parking lot and meeting Malcolm Smith. Leading the group through Monarch Pass in the dark and rain with my big 910's blazing the way. Rolling into Gunnsion after the best group ride in the history of all group rides and heading off for great Pizza and more laughing than should be allowed by law. Chasing Paul Mihalka up the gravel pass toward Creede. Hearing Spike's WHOOOOOOO!!! scream as he rolled into a rest stop. (Spike, I still hear that and it makes me laugh every time.) Rolling in from Gunny after 10 days of riding...and wanting more.


Doing Torrey again in May and getting to lead "Torrey Virgins" around. Working our butts off to pass PhillyFlash then duking it out with Brian and Meghan like we were a couple of MotoGP racers.


Helping out with SoCal TechDaze and watching all those newbies become the teachers by the end of the day. Seeing all the smiles as they returned from their test rides with their bikes running better than they ever had.


Crashing and not remembering it. Being totally overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from this group.


Saying "What the h*ll" and flying out to Chi-town to hang with the Crew. Playing pool with Terri (of Gleno and Terri fame)...Terri talked it up about how she wasn't very good at pool. Then she starts saying stuff like "Daddy taught me to do this..." Eventually I asked what Daddy did. "He was a pool shark." Great. Guess who won? wink.giflaugh.gif Hanging out with one of my favorite rt.com members, Tom Roe. Calling Dick Frantz to wish him Happy Birthday.


Helping Lisa through her "Ride Better Quest" and watching her grow from getting so nervous that she was physically sick before many rides, to seeing her blaze across a valley in Utah at a Buck-Ten. Hoonette.


And...Like Laney said...the Year ain't over yet. smile.gif


For '03: DVD 8, Torrey, TBK LT, BB1500Gold, ??

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Sitting on a KTM 520 with my wife on her GasGas 250 in front of the State Police head quarters in downtown Davis WV seeing a State Trooper across the intersection and knowing we were welcome there and wouldn't be hasseled.


On the same trip, riding double on Terry's new F650GS all over the mountains of WV.


All of the other trips, both street and dirt , Terry and I took together this year. She is truely the best riding partner and best life partner I have ever had. Better than I deserve!



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  1. Riding dirtbikes with my Dad in the Black Rock Desert this past October.
  2. Riding dirtbikes with my son in the Stanislaus National Forest during the same week of the Gunnison Unrally.
  3. Riding the first leg of the California Christmas group ride with my the BMWRT.com crew.

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Cory ... I agree with the others, this is a great idea for a thread!


Work and weekend winter weather have weally kept me from widing as much as I'd would have wiked to this fall. But,


-In June I had a blast in Winchester VA at Mayhem, meeting lots of other RT riders and riding with recourses and Buck and DanC and 2Wheel Phil and the others in "the fast group" where I really don't belong biggrin.gif


-After Mayhem I continued on to visit my midwestern roots in Chicago and Evanston IL, happy to see all my old friends, riding in ridiculous rain, almost making the Cereal City Festival in Battle Creek Michican, basking in the beautiful summer-night riding in Upstate NY on the way home.


-Riding up to Canada for the MOA National. I really liked Montreal (the one night I stayed there). I had a great time camping with all of my RT.com buddies in Trenton, and an even wilder time coming back home across the border with steves in ridiculous heat and long lines <img src="http://home.nyc.rr.com/csrhpdirname/eek.gif">


-I had a great time with Art Borin & Co. on his group ride in the Catskills in October. More rain and cold again for this ride, but the rides are more memorable when mother natures 'speaks'


-The NYC Holiday Dinner with Recourses and the gang ... and then all of the formal and informal local get-togethers / wrenching / eating / hooning with the local homeys like mjames, Jim (BMWGreenRT), Brian (Bpeterson) , len, Bill D, Venturevoodoo, Rich (boxer259), PeterScottNJ, ScottinNJ, Francis, and others whose names will come to me three seconds after I post this ...


For 2003 I hope to meet many more RT-folks at Mayhem and Unrally Eureka Springs!



Chris (aka Tender Vittles),

Little '77 KZ400 in the Big Apple

Black '99 RT for Everywhere Else, such as...color=green>


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Dances With Roads

Returning from the UN near Jackson,WY 650 mi. day, Cox's alt belt shreads and Quinnell has a spare! We change it out w/ the help of the Boy Scouts (not a gay among em) and celebrate with Bud Lite and chili. GREAT animated conversation ending with crashing earsplittinloudenboomer lightning and a dash to the tents. Wow.


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Taking 23 days and riding 5400 miles from one coast to the other in celebration of marrying the most beautiful and precious woman I have ever met in my life.


-- Spike


Oh yeah, and meeting lots of you.



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Gosh...2002 was quite a year for me and motorcycling.


Obviously, as David pointed out, my crash is the #1 highlight, but the year that started out with a bang ended well (or at least it will this weekend with near 60 degree temps! smile.gif )


- Fighting insurance company over my crashed RT

- Selling my crashed RT

- My decision to give up riding

- My decision NOT to give up riding

- Buying my GS

- The 4T at David's

- Losing my seatbag at the Shiloh rally

- Riding to Corinth, MS to see where my parents were married

- Becoming an MSF RiderCoach


There are so many more...


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A]Going to and riding UT12 for the 1st time

B]Meeting the awesome BMWRT folks in person while at Torrey

C]1st 10,000 miles on the RT

D]watching my wifes first solo ride....with her feet down the whole time smile.gif

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You all have such wonderful highlights, thank you for sharing. I have nothing exciting to post. But that's okay.


The highlight for me was getting back on my bike after over 8 months of recuperation and riding again. Next to my first solo ride it was my biggest motorcycle highlight since 1971.

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My 2002 highlights have been

1) finding a great group of guys to ride with in Austin, TX

2) riding and eating and hanging out with them for 7 months

3) riding out to Del Rio for an overnighter with a friend

4) getting a deal on my RT

5) riding from Austin to the SF Bay Area. My first long trip and first 1000 mile day.

6) meeting people from here and learning the particulars of wrenching on the RT

7) crashing in Los Angeles


... and there are still a few days to go.

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Cory you ask for highlights, huh? Thanks for the mind jog.

My first 1,000 mile mc trip by my lonesome. What an adventure.

My first mc Unrally or rally of any type. Great fun, Great people a Wonderful adventure.

Watching Sean and Shelly; and Russell and Lisa; Dean and Connie disappear around curves as if by magic on our way up to Aspen. cool.gif

Participating in the Movie of the Week trip up and down Independence Pass in the rain and sleet.shocked.gif

Meeting a lot of you at the Unrally in Gunnison. cool.gif

Route 92 up to Crawford, Co., "Whose your Daddy?"

1,000 miles back home with Chris K.

200 miles with Chris K. in Arkansas, and watching him disappear ala Sean and gang. smile.gif

350 miles on some of Arkansas's best roads all by my lonesome.

Labor Day surprise ride to my Aunt and Uncle in Gary, Indiana.

Learning that UN2 will be here in Arkansas.

Following this discussion board.

Learning how to be a better rider by riding with better riders and riding. smile.gif


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Red Barchetta

MY #1 highlight would have to be returning to motorcycling after a long layoff.

In May I bought my K1200RS and have been in love with it ever since. smile.gif


#2 highlight would be the X-mas ride and party at Shortcuts. Its nice to put a face with the names.


I'm hoping '03 will be filled with many happy highlights!

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O.K., Now I can list my 2002 motorcycle highlights.


1. July tour on my R1100RT from San Diego via Hwy 1 and Big Sur to Monterey over through Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks.


2. September tour on my R1100RT to Lake Arrowhead through Idyllwild and Big Bear.


3. December acquisition of my new 2003 K1200RS!!!


4. Year-end 3 day blast on my new KRS from San Diego to Death Valley via Borrego Springs, Mecca, Joshua Tree National Park, Amboy, Kelso, Baker, Las Vegas and Beatty, NV. 4 weeks of ownership and 1,600 miles. smile.gif


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I've given this some thought and have come up with the following:


Return to Riding - after a 25 year layoff, and getting a bike I've always dreamed of owning. I thought this might be one of my life's desired that would go unfulfilled


Finding this Forum - Knowing what I know now, my BMW experienced is enhanced so very much by this forum, and the people I've met and started new relationships with this year.


Superbike School - I haven't done anything since my motocross days with a CZ400, when I was a bit younger, that has been more exhilarating than those 2 days this past September.


100 mph sweepers in the Adirondack's - Of course now that I have a GPS I know it was really only 95, but there is simply nothing like getting a RT leaned over in a long high-speed sweeper. It simply feels like that's where it belongs.


2003 is sure to top 2002 as I will be traveling more and meeting more of this august group. In the mean time, hope everyone has a happy and safe new year. I'll watch you NYC folks on the tube smile.gif

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(A) 7,300 miles from Mass., to Co. to attend the un rally and show the one part of the three amigos the roads we love in Utah, Co., and AZ.

(B) Columbus day weekend trip to Quebec City with the other two amigos and a friend. Hitting 105 on a beautiful highway that runs along the St. Lawrence seaway.


And of course, having fun on the random topics board.

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I had too many possible answers to this question after 20K or so miles this year in WA, British Columbia and ID/MT/WY/CO (for the unrally) involving many adventures and temps from 33 to 108 F !


Reed hit it on the mark though; that day's travel, adventure and camaraderie were, in fact ,the high point of the year.


Pic of the guilty parties (L-R Chris, Reed, DQ, John C.) the AM after travel and campsite repairs are at:




pic of the whole repair melee, scouts included:




It was really quite the deal; between us we had the crisis du jour, the spare, a Haynes manual and a mechanically fearless individual ready to turn wrenches, even if a few had to be borrowed from the scouts !


Hopefully '02 was just the warm up for bigger and better "stuff" in '03 ! laugh.gif


God Bless and be well,


DQ smile.gif

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My Motorcycle Highlights for 2002


October: new 2002 R-1150RT

November: Trying out EVERY road from 101 to the coast, from Marin in the south to Mendocino in the North.


2003 is going to be great!


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Wow. 2002 held many highlights for me. Almost too many to name. Some memories were as a passenger, some as a rider. I guess I'll separate the two, to make it easier.


Passenger Highlights


Gunnison - Wow. The ride there was awesome, the riding during was awesome, and the ride back home was awesome. Good roads, good people, good weather, good bikes! Hearing Spike's "Woohoo" when he figured it out, seeing Russell's giddy smile at meeting Malcom Smith, chatting with the girls while the boys fixed Lester's throttle cable, being on the back of the lead bike over the pass...in the dark...in the rain...wow. What a cool sight. Our PIAAs being the brightest lights, leading the way like Rudolph or something, with like, 7 bikes behind us. Very cool. Heading home with Sean, Shelly, SierraRider and SageRider. Wet T-shirt party in the gas station near Monument Valley. Fun. Hitting the nice restaurant and then the spa with Sean and Shelly on our last night.Great way to end a neat vacation.


San Diego - roaring around some of the country roads, led by Sean Daly. I passengered with Russell, and Shelly with Sean. He led us on some really neat roads. It was a really fun day.


Torrey, Revelation. While I rode to Torrey, I decided to be a passenger while at Torrey. Russell still goes a little too fast for my blood (it's hard to take pictures over 100), but it is still nice to be able to take in all the lovely scenery. When I ride, there's too much to think about to look around too much!


As a Rider


Where do I start? This year, I decided I actually wanted to use my motorcycle license to go somewhere. Laney and Kathy's Excellent Adventure inspired me. With encouragement from Russell, and the support of people on this board, and in spite of my family and some friend's admonitions and warnings of doom, I decided to let go of my fear and go for it. I got the license, I passed the MSF class...Let's MOTO!


I embarked on what I titled a "Ride Better Quest" All my tales are archived on the board somewhere. Russell printed them all out for me and made them into a book for me for a Christmas present! smile.gif


I won't rehash all the details, so here are the memorable highlights, most good, some I'd rather forget.


Being Taught by the Master - Master Yoda came all the way down to Orange County to spend an entire morning training me on moto basics. This is how we start with a purpose, this is how we stop. This is how we turn...slower...sharper...etc. I am so touched that he would invest the time on me.


Riding with BrianT to the Salton Sea. It was August. We left at noon. We fried. But you know what? We had fun. It was so hot at that Salton Sea, that when we pulled into Indian Wells for dinner after the sun went down, we all said we were happy it had cooled off so much. Then we passed a bank sign displaying the temp - 100 degrees. EESH!! This ride was especially noteworthy for me though. I got much needed practice with turns (went down the Montezuma Grade, which was the twistiest, scariest road I had ever done to that point), I got some practice in wind (I-10 next to the windmills), I got some endurance practice (long day with intense heat), and I got to do it with two of the best riders I know (Brian and Russell).


Riding to San Jose. I did NOT like the ride up there, but I am glad I did it. 400 mile day, heavy congested traffic started it, REALLY STRONG WIND (which many of you know, I HATE!) in the middle, and cold and fatigue at the end. I was never happier to arrive somewhere in my life. But you know what? I did it!! :-) I rode through the wind. I rode all the way up there. I didn't quit, even though I wanted to about an hour away.

The ride home from San Jose was probably one of my favorite rides, however. We left earlier in the day, and had little traffic. We took the 101 all the way home, and had gorgeous weather. I was riding really well. I was really feeling the turns. Charlie and I were clicking. We rode by the ocean. Fun.


Riding to Glenos. We rode out there in June. Again, it was darn hot, but I made it! The ride was actually pretty fun. THe heat was really just more of an annoyance. Again, riding with Brian (with Meghan passengering with him this time) and Russell. Had a great time, all except for the last part of the ride, where I nearly ran off the road. Still not sure what happened. I think it was just a stronger wind gust, I was focused on other things (like the fact that it was beautiful scenery out there and we were a half hour away from our destination) and I allowed myself to get pushed over. All of a sudden, I was headed for dirt. I snapped back to reality in time to hear the voice in my head shout "TURN the BIKE!" I slowed down, avoided the dirt, gave the thumbs up sign and kept going. Scared me a lot, but I handled it OK.


Torrey, Revelation. I rode all the way to Torrey! This was the big ride I had been trying to get in shape for for several months. First day we rode to Mesquite, NV. I had a really good time on that ride. Perfect weather, light traffic. Just a good time. Second day, we made Torrey, and were greeted by lots of smiling faces, and people congratulating me for riding all the way there. It was a very proud moment for me. I rode most of the way home, but we stopped in Boulder City at Gleno's, talked and laughed (and rested) way too long, and I didn't want to risk riding in Vegas traffic all the way home (and Charlie's gas tank wouldn't have been sufficient to take the back roads) So, I hopped on the RT with Russell to head home, and left Charlie in Gleno's garage. Then Russell crashed Charlie on the way home another time, but that's for Russell to talk about in his highlights!


Those were the major events. There were also little things along the way. Had my first low speed tip-over. Survived. Not something I'd like to repeat (embarrassing), but not a huge deal. I experienced what it's like to lock up the rear wheel cause I accidentally applied too much rear brake. This is a big deal, but the voices of my MSF instructors were there loud and clear - Stay on it until the bike hooks up again and gently ease off. This is what I did, and I was OK. A number of times this year, I surprised myself by not panicking. Places where I thought sure I'd panic, I didn't. Hmm.


2003 finds me currently bikeless, as Charlie is still in need of repair. I am pondering whether I like riding better or passengering. Riding gives me a great sense of accomplishment, and there are times when I have fun. But a lot of times, I am so concentrating on everything, I miss the fun. Passengering allows me to relax, take pictures, and enjoy the day more, but I lose the control element. Guess we'll just have to see what happens in 2003!


Anyway, to close, there is a song from one of the Cirque du Soleil's that really speaks to me re: this riding thing. It's like words I would say to the naysayers who tell me all I'm going to do is crash, and I have rocks in my head for riding at all. I just needed to see if I could do it, and I did. I may have gotten hurt, but I had to try. What is life if you spend it in fear? LIVE while you can. (Now this doesn't mean to go out and be foolish, which is why I am a cautious rider, I practice a lot, I wear all the gear, I took the class, etc, etc!) smile.gif Anyway, here's the song:


Let Me Fall


Let me fall,

let me try

There's a moment

when fear and dreams must collide


Someone I am is waiting for courage,

The one I want, the one I will become,

will catch me


So let me fall IF I must fall,

I won't heed your warnings

I don't hear them




Let me fall

IF I fall,

There's no reason,

to risk this one chance,

this perfect moment,

just let me fall...


Fall in, Let's moto!


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Jamie reminded me that perhaps I had a few motorcycling highlights for 2002. Somehow I just seem to incorporate these various events into my life with an "of course" thereby forgetting to own them completely. When I stop to really consider, I realize that maybe I have accomplished some things in the past year that were actually noteworthysmile.gif


Vastly improving moto skills only begun in June of '01 at the age of 52. A KZ1000P was my training bike.


Officially becoming the sole proprieter and driver of my R1200C


Joining this wonderful moto-family and attending my first ever rallies at Paonia and Gunnison.


Driving with my first ever pillion as I took Jamie on the twisties and through the high passes of the Rockies.


Experiencing the wonder that is Torrey.


Doing my first ever group ride, the Angeles Crest, at the food orgy (or gorgie if you will) for Gleno's B-day


Going to SoCal Tech Days at Sean and Shelly's and taking on the challenge of learning how to service my own bike and since then, with Jamie's kind assistance, changing a tire, changing my oil and final drive fluid and adjusting my valves.


Putting 3000 miles on the Göttin in the last month with one trip up to Santa Rosa, north of San Francisco for Shortcut's Christmas Party and another trip to Gleno's in Boulder City, Nevada to go to the Guggenheim in Las Vegas to see the "Art of the Motorcycle"


In those two trips, discovering the thrill of rising above the ocean on Highway 1 on my own bike and after having driven Montezuma Grade hundreds of times in the car, being transported to another consciousness by riding it


And finally...


Knowing that all of this is only just the beginning of a life time of enjoyable mental, physical, and emotional stretching as I continue this amazing journey.

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"you're a poet, and I know it" wink.gif


Just my left handed way of saying great post, nicely written laugh.gif Glad I got to meet you guys way-back-then in Gunninson !

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A few things come to mind:


(a) Texas Hill Country ride in the Spring – the original Pie Town crew's first but not last outing...great people, awesome roads and (did someone mention more PIE...); a few amazingly challenging roads for a novice rider, but everyone made me feel totally welcome and a part of the group.


(b) Gunnison Un-rally in July – an awesome ride out from Dallas (THANK YOU to Camelback watercarriers); a great time rooming with "Faster Pill" who spanked the rest of us BADLY on Highway 92 to AND from Crawford; a great time meeting and greeting a incredibly nice, diverse group of people at the campground; taking some "divots" out of my seat from riding through the hairpin turns on Slugmillion Pass in a quarter inch of fresh gravel; a major THANK YOU to Brian McGauley for riding all of the way back from Gunnison with me to insure that my nail punctured/patched tire didn't leave me stranded somewhere (Do we have a good Samaritan award we can bestow??)


© selling my '89 K100RS and picking up a pristine '01 K1200RS with only 6,500 miles on the odo; while the K-Hoona is not better than sex, riding it has got to be in the top five pleasurable things that can be experienced...AND it never has a headache 8-)


(d) Fall Colors Ride to Eureka Springs – this three day weekend with the Lone Star BMW club was just amazing...too many great roads to remember, getting to see MurryG again and riding with Ssliz, mind boggling natural colors, four hours of cold rain on the return trip 8-( ... (I predict that the BMWRT crew will REALLY enjoy this venue for the next UNRALLY.)


And finally, one of my favorite things has been all of the wonderful, passionate, interesting people I have met while travelling on two wheels. In the end, sharing the love, as trite as that may sound, is truly what makes things worthwhile.


Travel safe and be well!

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One year and 14,000 safe miles on a new RT, after a ten-year break from cycling. My sweetheart and I love the 1150 RT and look forward to many more miles and smiles together.


We love riding in southeast Ohio. Try it you'll like it!


We rode the Dragon at Deal's gap, the Cherohala Skyway, and the southern portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Taking up riding again at age 40 and choosing an RT are the two best decisions I've made in years!

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Where to start?


22 track days, at 4 tracks, on 4 different bikes (only two of them mine, I should add).


My first crash - heading off track in excess of 100mph at Thunderhill. Fortunately, the crash was a highside into dirt after I'd scrubbed off most of that speed.


First broken bone - a rib. See the aforementioned crash. The good news was that the Mille was undamaged in the incident. Some minor scuffs on the upper right side to complement those on the left side where I had been rearended at my previous track day after pulling off the track (a track novice target fixated into me)


a 10,500 mile, 8 week cross country ride through 31 states, over I don't know how many mountain ranges (coast range, sierras, rockies, adirondacks, beartooth, cascades, and probably several others). Meeting Tifanie in Albany, taking her for our first ride through the Adirondacks, before heading back west across the northern states at the tail end of summer, only to be laid off from my job shortly after arriving home. Fortunately, it was before I managed to declare all of that vacation time as used, so I got paid to take that trip all over again.


Proposing to Tifanie in SF.


Finally moving to San Francisco after years of dancing around the place, living all over the bay area.


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