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Finally! More pics of ShortCut's Christmas Party! :)

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Hi all. Sorry this is so late in coming--enjoy!

(and thanks to David for the server space, and Greg H. for the offer! smile.gif )


Les and took the coastal route winding along the water on the way up. We stayed Wednesday night in Pismo Beach, then then on up to Santa Rosa to visit friends.





This is a shot of the Neptune's Net Restaurant on the HWY 1. Note the large motorcycle only parking spaces out front.





View from Neptune's Net's patio looking at the surf.





A lookout along HWY 1. Beautiful weather in the mid 60's-low 70's F.





A shot in the other direction.





Stopped for lunch at the harbor in Santa Cruz. The restaurant had tables on the beach.





At Marin BMW (the BMWRT.COM holy land) L-R: Jonathan Multhaup, Steve A, His Holiness: Swami S. Cary Littell, Sam Gendler





More lovin' at Marin BMW. L-R: Laney, Kris, rdfrantz





Dave B looks on while Phil (Fasterpill) examines the sturdiness of the new "fixed" mirror pods. smile.gif





Outside shot of the temple.





The bikes on the pilgrimage.





His Holiness strolling in the gardens, meditating (while in the background you can see Greg cautioning Sam about the proven low-speed instability of that particular demo bike laugh.gif ).





At Shortcut's. L-R: Les_Is_More, Cheryl (the Hostess with THE MOSTESS!), and the ubiquitous Marty! How come I didn't see Marty in the other Christmas Party shots??!! He must've been behind the camera. smile.gif





Phil (Fasterpill), Cory (strongbird), Peter and Jane Algöver.





Dave (onedae), Ron B., KTM Doug, and Dave B.





Jonathan Multhaup, Rachel (Steve A.'s daughter-in-law) , John-Steven (Steve A.'s son), Steve Asvit (Steve A.), Jerry Mather, and Greg (ghaverkamp).





Steve Howell (Steve404), Ken Wood, and Big Mak.





Laney, rdfrantz, and the Party Animal Himself . . . (no NOT Sock Monkey . . . though don't tell him I said so! smile.gif ) Mike Capilla (Shortcut).





Cary (the benevolent) and his manservant, Kris, feasting. (Sorry Kris, I never claimed to be a photographer! wink.gif )





Ron B. spreadin' more o' that BMWRT.COM love, "Santa-Style"!!!





And . . . my favorite part of the whole trip!!!


Ron, you are one big-hearted guy, and a helluva good sport to let us draft you like that--I think you made a lot of people's Christmas a good deal brighter--Thanks! smile.gif


Mike and Cheryl, thanks again for all your hard work and planning, and for opening up your home to us hoons!


Merry Christmas!

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Great shots! OK, I will now officially admit that, Yes...there WAS a party at ShortCuts. smile.gif



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Marty Hill



I'm invisible unless there are beautiful women in the pic with me. Got lucky this time, had two in the pic. Shocked that nobody got a pic of me working on the bird.


Hi to all you left coasters. I will darken your doors again prior to torrey.


Happy holidays to all 3.5k of us on the board...............



Edited by Marty Hill

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Nice pics! Especially the one where I'm on the KRS in the showroom - makes up for the caption wink.gif


And that's Vroom Hilda on the left in the Bikes on the Pilgrimage shot, prior to her mirror treatment. Looking forward to seeing all you's guys again soon!

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Short Cut

Hey GREAT pics Jamie!! Thanks for taking them and getting them posted. Brings back good memories. smile.gif

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Nice pictures! Looks like a good time was had by all.


(It also looks like Sock Monkey is behaving him/herself lately puzzled.gifwink.gif )



Chris (aka Tender Vittles),

Little '77 KZ400 in the Big Apple

Black '99 RT for Everywhere Else, such as...color=green>


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