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Christmas in Chicago (lots of pix)


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Just got back from a short trip to Chicago to celebrate a little Christmas with the Chi-Town crew and some far flung visitors! I didn't think I would get to go because of some other commitments, but the day before it looked like I could, and tickets were cheap. So I flew into O'Hare Friday morning (the car above was in the parking garage) and did some errands I'd been saving for one of my favorite stores (Helix Photo). Then called Jake and Steve Knapp, and we met for lunch. Kathy R had put the weekend together, and was running around picking people up at the airport. She dropped Glen and Terri off, as well as Brian and Meghan. We met at "Jake's Place" (no relation) for a late lunch and general rowdy conversation. I think we set a new record of about 4 mins before somebody got flipped off. We'd never lasted that long before! Then walked them around the Rush St. area.


Meanwhile, Kathy had gone to pick up the next load, and so they walked Michigan Ave. north, and we walked it south, and met near the river. She brought Dave (her SO) and Russell/Lisa with her.


Dinner at Harry Cary's brought some other folks: Ron B., Mark Keicker, and Tom and Robyn Roe. Here are some pictures from dinner:


Kathy R. and Dave (from Chicago):




Brian T. and Meghan (from LA area):




Glen McIntosh and Terri (from Boulder City, outside Las Vegas):




Mark Keicker (from Minneapolis, but working in Chicago):




Ron B. (from Chicago):




Russell Bynum and Lisa (85% Angel) (from Orange County area):




Steve Knapp (from Chicago):




Tom Roe and Robyn (from Minneapolis):




David (me) and my date Jake (from Nashville and Chicago, for now):




We had a great meal, and then broke out the cigars and did some walking along Wacker and Michigan. Here's Meghan enjoying a cigar:




Eventually we ended up at Mark's bachelor pad to enjoy the view from very high up, looking south across the river and Wacker.


I was in an artsy mood and decided to shoot some different stuff during out walk as the wussy Californians whined about the cold.


Here are some boats decorated with Christmas lights:




Here is a time exposure of a moving bus:




Here is one interesting angle of the Wrigley bldg (I think):




And here's a building lit with Christmas colors:




And here's my favorite shot, kind of a handheld "dutch angle" of Brian and Meghan walking away, with interesting textures in the sidewalk:




After the walk, we carpooled to Kathy's place for some pool playing and big lie telling. Then collapsed, since many of the folks had arrived on a red eye flight.


The next morning I picked Kris Beasley up at the airport, then we all went to Jake's for a fabulous breakfast. Then I had to fly out. Tonight, Shawn and Mitch were coming over from Detroit.


Kathy, thanks for putting it all together! It was really fun and relaxing to see your friendly faces again, folks. We talked so much about riding I almost felt like we put a couple hundred miles in! Always good to be with old friends.


Everybody have a Merry Christmas.

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I'm so jealous!! Les and I entertained fantasies about showing up to suprise you guys, but I couldn't get the 14th off (still haven't accrued enough leave since my . . . last 10 month vacation! smile.gif )


Great write-up David! Thanks so much!


I swear I'll get those pics from Shortcut's to you as soon as I get home (I'm on a 48 hr shift this week-end).


I see Lisa got demoted to only 85% Angel . . . Russell, has she been bad? You lucky devil! shocked.gif


One more question . . . WHERE'S MARTY??!! Ohhhh, wait, I got it! This is one of those "Where's Waldo" kind of things. I'll go back and look again--I'm sure he's hiding in one of those shots somewhere! laugh.gif

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Looks like a swell time in the Windy City! Nice pictures, David, they made me a little homesick - Harry Caray's, Wrigley Building, and bitter Canadian cold air roaring into town over Lake Michigan laugh.gif



Chris (aka Tender Vittles),

Little '77 KZ400 in the Big Apple

Black '99 RT for Everywhere Else, such as...color=green>


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Thanks for the pics, Dave. Couldn't make it to either Christmas Party (ShortCut's or the Chi-Town one), but it sure is heartwarming to see so many of my friends having a good time. Kathy looks radiant. Tom and Robyn look great. Gleno's got that proud, "I got the better end of this deal" look, while Terri never lets on that she knows that, too. It's nice to see Ron awake. Jakey and you make a fine couple (it's always good to stay close to the guy with the ceegars). Russell and Lisa as well as Brian and Meghan look like they're having a great time. Steve Knapp's got WAY too big a smile for someone with only one hand visible wink.gif. And the shots of the city bring back memories of too many past business trips there, and not enough recent ones.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.



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Thanks for the pics David! I'm sure there's lots more to come as the party ain't over just yet!


After you left us we all congregated at the Boute de Papier's "Chick-pad" for some more swillin', lyin', pool playin', Italian Beef eatin', and love dispensin'. We even snuck in a birthday call to Dick Frantz. There were more new faces than I can recall, but we added pretty much the rest of the old Chi-Town crew to the party list, as well as plenty of newer folks (I KNOW my compadres have pics w/names to follow). Nothing better than newbies meeting a BMWRT family for the first time. As usual, Kathy put on another wonderful gathering complete with all the trimmings. Thank you Kathy - you're the BEST!


Right now, some of the gang are deep in the Windy City getting an eye-full of Navy Pier, heading to the top of the Hancock Center, and are taking aim to put to rest just who makes the best deep dish pizza before heading home. This comes after gorging ourselves on Irish Bene's at the Kopper Kettle en masse for breakfast. Time to join Kris on the training regimen....our caloric acquisition and preservation plan worked all too well this weekend!


A huge thank-you to the Kali-Krew (Brian & Meghan, Russell & Lisa, and my brother Kris), and the Mo-Town Crew (Shawn and Mitch) for making the trip to Chi-Town. Of course, it wouldn't be an event if it weren't for the dynamic duos of Gleno & Terri, as well as TMRoe and Robyn. Gleno and Tommy started the idea of the Spread The Love Tour "Coming to you in '02" and they danged well finished it. You boys deserve some kind of award for all you do for all of us. What an incredible year!


Sooo then.... "Coming to Thee in '03"?????





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Wow... this post made me homesick - bigtime! Even tho I was raised 50 miles SW of the Loop, those were definitely my old stompin' grounds.


But it isn't the PLACE so much as it is the people. I'm jazzed that so many of the out-of-towners made the effort to be part of that gathering. Whoever was doing the photography (with new toys from Helix, David?) sure caught everyone with a certain glow radiating!


In his usual eloquent style, Fernando puts into words almost exactly what was in my heart as I looked at those smiling faces. Thanks, FB. Couldn't say it any better.



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I had a great time, but I'm still trying to figure out who all those people hugging me were.


(especially that guy with the tattoos that kept calling me "raaaaaan")

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I think someone really likes his new digital camera! wink.gif


Sounds like a great time!!! Did Ron B manage to stay awake for the whole event? laugh.giflaugh.gif

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What great pictures. Merchandise Mart, Wrigley building... I saw many of the same sights walking back to the train from dinner, but didn't see them the same way. What a great eye.


What a great weekend. It was good seeing you all. Major kudos to everyone for making it happen.

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I just flew in from Chicago and boy are my arms tired (badumbum crash).


I cannot put into words how much fun Meghan and I had this weekend. Thanks again everyone for making this the usual bmwrt.com luv fest. Special thanks to our hosts Kathy and Jake for putting your personal lives on hold to make this happen. Thank you Chi-Town crew for showing us turists what makes Chicago so great.


Now if I could just stop hearing "Raaaan" and "Haaat desh" in my head. And why does the 59 degrees I just returned to seem so dam hot?


I'll get some pics up as soon as I can find a place to upload them.

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Well, I am late to the party as usual. I managed to take over 70 pics in just under 24 hours as I just can't seem to find the time to post them. I can promise you though that they will not even be close to Dave's level of professional quality photos. I will tease you with this though, I managed to get a great pic of Ron B when he was AWAKE! *grin*


Once again many thanks to the Chi-town crew for making us feel tons more special that we ought to. Kathy, it was a wonderful party and I am very thankful to have been a part of it. Happy Holiday's Paper-butt! Oh....and I think I might know who temporarily tagged your Iron butt plate.....but I'm not tellin (Mitch).


As for the rest of the gang that I got to meet after all these years of seeing their words.....


Glenno...man yor great! That wife of yours is wonderful and tolerant woman as well. You are a character my friend. When I figure out which character I will let you know *grin*


Tom Roe fast mo fo....a class act sir. I am sorry I didnt get a chance to spend more time talking to you. And yes, engineer's truly can be this way....... *grin*


Kris.....the man loved by all...it was a pleasure. I have to get out to California to see you, Cary and the shop within the next year. Stay the course my friend...


Brian and Meghan. It was an honor. You guys are great, down to earth people. I can't wait to have a beer with you somewhere down the road.


Lisa and Russel. It was great putting real faces and personalities with the names. It will be good to talk with you again.


The Knappy's .....man.....never can say enough good about you guys......SOON!.....very soon my friends...


and there are so many other people there I would love to mention but I am running up on my 8 am meeting and I have to go...so I will say one last thing...


JAKE!.....my friend...........GOT ORANGES????


pic to come...



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Thanks for opening up The Party to us, David. Lovely images too.


Your warmth really made my Birthday special. How much I miss you all. Thanks so much.


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"Let me if it doesn't work since this is my first try using their service... "


Au contraire, mon ami! The slide show worked perfectly and what a fine show it was. Why is it I can't get enough of photos when the family gets together...


What am I saying? I should be in those photos! Dang... gotta get out more.


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Now if I could just stop hearing "Raaaan" and "Haaat desh" in my head.


Somebaady wake up Raaaan!


And why does the 59 degrees I just returned to seem so dam hot?


Hey, 59 degrees? Brrrrrrrrrrr! It's deep-freeze time...break out the fuel stabilizer and the battery tender.


83%Angel and I had a boatload of fun. Pics will follow soon.

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Is that a typo or did something change?


Well, last night when we got home... smile.gif


Something about Dat da das and the hippity dippity. laugh.giflaugh.gifblush.gif


Seriously (sort of), I was just playing off of DCB's post where he called her 85%Angel. smile.gif

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Hey all,


We had a FABULOUS time! Chicago is beautiful.


Kathy, high 30's/low 40's is not "balmy", but I do think we got lucky with the weather...it could have been much colder. Sunday was nice and clear, so it was good picture-taking weather. Good to be back in nice "sunny" California weather...drowning! (You know that rain Kris complained about on the phone on Friday...it's reached SoCal! Oh well, we need the rain) At least the temp here is still a nice, actually balmy 62 (but it feels like 61, Gleno)!


Anyway, we really had a good time. Dave's townhouse has a scremin' view of Lake Michigan, Keiker has "THE" bachelor pad of all time! Killer view, and Kathy's place is the quintissential party joint. Jake's Hyatt was a nice 5-star bed and breakfast, complete with a dalmatian wake up service, internet hook ups, and a charming breakfast buffet. LOVED it. Thanks to Jake, Peanut and kids for putting up with all of us!


As for the 75% angel comments, I am not sure where that's coming from! I mean c'mon, just because Glen and Terry got flashed (totally unintentionally, of course) a little glimpse of a tiny portion of my hiney, does not mean I am less of an angel. I guarantee my "hoo-hoos" weren't seen!

(For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about...I had a problem with a towel that was this much too short on my way from the bathroom to the room we were staying (where my clothes were!) Everyone was talking and laughing downstairs, I was upstairs finishing up my shower (of course the upstairs hallway is visible from downstairs, and I forgot to bring my clothes with me to the bathroom). The bathroom and bedroom were like two feet away from each other, so I thought I would just get there as fast as I can and nobody would even notice. Of course, Gleno noticed!) shocked.gif


Love to you all!


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Wow, so there IS a market that is losing value faster than my 401k. Too bad for Lisa. frown.gif


Does this mean that as the Angel quotient falls, the quotient of ... er ... uh ... "Not-Angel" has been rising? If so, too bad for Russell. smile.gif

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Does this mean that as the Angel quotient falls, the quotient of ... er ... uh ... "Not-Angel" has been rising? If so, too bad for Russell.


Au Contraire! blush.gifshocked.gifwink.gif

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To quote BeedleJuice "It just keeps getting better and better all the time!"


I can't put it all down. Suffice it to say that I had more fun than a girl has a right to. Three days. Three jam packed days.


The party started Friday morning at O'Hare at 6:11am when Gleno and the gang popped out of baggage claim and it didn't end until they were whisked away in the cab downtown on Sunday night.


Thanks to Jake, Knapp and Crew for helping me host this shindig. I can't have parties without you guys.


I came home last night to an empty house. There was a huge echo. But, if I listened carefully I could hear "RAAAAANNNN"!!!! laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

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Humm...Christmas party in New York...Christmas party in Chicago...but nothing for the gang here at home. I'm beginning to think David is ashamed of his fellow Southerners. smile.gif

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Christmas party in Chicago...but nothing for the gang here at home. I'm beginning to think David is ashamed of his fellow Southerners.


Chad, how about putting together a Nashville get together?

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What Steve and Shawn said. David didn't organize any of these parties (well...except for the NYC one). So get to gettin, throw out the welcome mat, and do it up right...southern style.

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I really want to thank David, Shawn, Brian and Lisa/Russell for their efforts to provide pictures of this Chi-Town Christmas. The pictures are a treasure. The memories will last a lifetime.

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I am very sad today... all my friends are in other places, though it does make for a great time when traveling around this country... it's sad when I get home and all the hugs have stopped... the laughter has subsided... the smiles are merely images on film... and we're back at work.


Thanks for the pictures.



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Hey David, where's your hat?!?color=blue>


Berry berry funny man. (Prison warden confiscated it. I'm out of town right now and wearing it proudly. Other people like it, too. I can just tell.)

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Nice shots, Russell. I really like that one of the Hancock building.


Meghan really was full of herself smoking that cigar on the bridge, eh? I think she thought we were ALL photographers from Cosmopolitan or something. smile.gif

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Nice shots, Russell. I really like that one of the Hancock building.


Don't thank me...I'm just the schmuck who posts them and makes the server work. Lisa took the shots and doctored a few that didn't turn out as well as she liked.


She had some really funny versions of This shot. Hard to describe but she had some kind of a physhedelic nuclear blast action goin' on that looked pretty cool. I'll see if she still has it and we can post it as well.



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All that nice photography, but not a single pic of one of those nifty foam pads that Kathy (FoamPaddedIronPaperButt or FPIPB) was so happy to have discovered at Home Depot in October. What gives?


J/K. My wife brought home another pack today (now ~$7 at Sam's Club), which is what brought on this synaptic "surge."


The pics were great (David's and Brian's too), and that slideshow feature is sweet.

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I just remembered the cab ride from the Hancock building to Navy Pier. laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif


Sunday afternoon - Kris, Gleno, Terri, Russell, Lisa and me.


Terri and I get in the front single passenger seat - with Terri on my lap - and the driver says "I have to be able to see out of the side view mirror" - and we chirp "No problem!" and Terri just hugs me and we become one in the eyes of Hussam, our driver.


From the back seat, over my shoulder, I hear Gleno to my left and everyone else - Russell, Lisa and Kris - to my right.

Gleno - you owned the left side of the car!

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Russell, Lisa and Kris - to my right.


It took two tries to get the door closed and when I pulled the handle to open it, I literally fell out of the car. laugh.gif


Good times.

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