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2010 Daytona Bike Week


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Merry Christmas & Happy Riding in 2010


We did not get to this years bike week when in Florida earlier this year, but flying out from the UK in 8 weeks time to take in the bike week this time for a day or so. Do BMW motorcycle or dealers have a presence at the show?


Depending of the $ v's £ GBP might buy some accessories to take home?


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For the past few years , they have their own thing at their dealership. Test rides, stunt riders , etc. The test rides suffer due to the fact their located in town with slow traffic and stoplights. Test rides by all other brands are pretty good at the track. BMW of Daytona also recently aquired Triumph and Ducati. I wonder if this means they wont be at the track either.

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Hi Richard


It's probaly our 10th or more anual trip to Florida, but never to the Daytona bike week. We were there earlier this year and intended to go to the show, but sharing a mini van with son & family, they did not want to go although it agreed prior to trip!

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