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D1200R BMW Goes Into Limited Production


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Here is a cool new take on the boxer/telelever


D1200R BMW Goes Into Limited Production

by Paul Crowe - "The Kneeslider" on 11/30/2009





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D1200R by Demonstener


We featured the D1200R on The Kneeslider last year, a really unique BMW design by Pablo Gonzalez de Chaves and Carlos Beltran Carrión, that took the leap from pencil sketch and CAD drawings to a fully built prototype. A lot of you really liked the look when you saw it for the first time but they haven't been sitting still. Over the past year, they have refined and tested the bike and now they have decided to take the next step and enter into a very limited production run of 5 units.


Carlos tells me they have listed the bikes on eBay with a starting bid of 40,000.00 Euro ($56,745) with a buy it now of 50,000 €. Although it's not cheap, he says the price reflects the actual cost of building the bike. He continues, "we also offer the option of a complete customization, from the rims to the materials, painting, even the framework can be modified."


The D1200R has been thoroughly tested at the Jarama speedway in Madrid, and the redesigned front suspension works great.


They have a brand new web site up that details the entire process from initial sketches to actual build of the prototype.


The D1200R shows off some beautiful engineering, I wish them much success.


Link: D1200R on eBay

Link: Demonstener



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Fugly does not come close to describing it.


appalling, awful, bad-looking, beastly, deformed, disfigured, foul, frightful, grotesque, hideous, horrid, loathsome, misshapen, monstrous, repelling, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, unseemly, unsightly



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Anyone else think this thing is bordering on FUGLY :eek:?



Uh....somebody is smokin' crack. WTF???? Looks like something from a Terminator flick....shheeesh and people say Japanese bikes are fugly.

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Looks like a BMW twist on the Bimota Tesi, really cool IMO. It really would fit in with the BMW spirit of avante garde engineering advancements sometime for the sake of the engineering itself just because they can. And as far as the "ugly" comments, come on guys take a step back and view our bikes from the perspective of a non beemer fan, really it would fit right in.


EDIT: hell the Beemer engineers may even be able to make that feel-less, weak stopping, half assed rim edge rotor that Buell was so fond of.

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In my mind it is not about how it looks, as much as it is a bold direction in a new design. I'm more interested in how the front suspension is going to work. Is it something that will make it into production on BMW bikes or other brands.

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I never liked the single swingarm front end. Looks like it is heavier sprung weight relative to the paralever. How do you change that wheel? It is one wierd looking bike. But, if it performs, I'd ride one.

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What ever happened to that modular concept bike that made the rounds at last year's IMS? THAT was sweet. This looks like something designed by government committee.

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