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What defines a kid?


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You, Sir, are the very model of a modern Major General!!!


Love it. So thankful for you and your journey.


Thanks for sharing!!!!


Uber Worthy!!

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Did Jackson have to spot them anything?

Great new Blog entry.

Life IS good.


That race ended in a photo finish......I think the guy on the outside won.




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This evidence, among others, would seem to indicate that a kid is anybody a) under the age of majority, or b) with a Y chromosome.

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I hope you all took notice that the Armenian had to resort to cheating to have a chance in our one-on-one race.


Pretty pathetic when a guy in his 40's has to cheat against a guy 5 months from being 60! :lurk:



Great tale Tom. :thumbsup:


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nOT oNE tO say much...but what's up with wHIPdON on the cycle..??! nad the other two are on the scooters..?


(*personally, I'd like to see wHIPDON on the scootah - THAT would be a photo opp..!*)

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Didn't see a jeep, didn't see a mountain, didn't even see a fricken motorsickle (except the one on the trailer, doesn't count) but, did see one happy dude! :thumbsup:




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