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Tobaski- Pics from West Africa


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The goat peppers look like scotch bonnet/habaneros.

I haven't seen them before.

Are they really, really. really, off the chart hot?

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One thing that I notice is that everyone over there is beautiful. Must be the lack of gyms, tv's, and convenience. I can feel the photographs. Thank you, Doc.


When you coming home to see us? July in the Sierra's would be really nice! :wave:


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Wonderful shots.


Kids don't get much cuter than that shot of "Nancy".


I particularly like your comment regarding the slaughtering of the ram:


Unlike children in the "Developed" world, they know where their food comes from and how much work it takes to bring it to the table.

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Goat peppers: not off-the-chart hot. Very similar or perhaps the same as Scotch-bonnet. Interestingly, people use the exact same peppers in the Bahamas for cooking, making conch salad, etc.

My wife, however, who is from Guinea, likes a LOT of them in the food and it gets off-the-chart and me off-the-ceiling!


Whip, the clothes are custom-made by tailors. There are hundreds of small tailor shops and they are probably the hardest-working people in The Gambia, especially before special occasions. Their skills vary but they are paid a pittance for the amount of work they do. For any outfit the tailor probably gets paid only a fraction of what the cloth, etc. cost.


These photos are due to the kindness of "Artig" (Arne Rohde) from NZ. He sent me the camera as a gift when mine was stolen -- and he doesn't even know me!!! What a great guy! :thumbsup::clap:

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Doc, it's really great to see the camera being used to such good effect.


In your Picasa album you left out my favourite photo from The Gambia Log email, the one with just two hands and a walking stick. It made me wish that I had similar photos of my parents' hands. They had both worked hard all their lives, and had interesting hands that showed this clearly.


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