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It's official: The Tee is a great guy!

Mister Tee

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We the first thing I thought of was "consider the source".



Sounds like a bunch of enthusiatic folks over there.

How do you keep 'em in line?

Best wishes.

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The Tee is a great guy. I don't need a web site to tell me that, I can tell by the posts he makes on this forum that he is a man of great quality. I am proud to hang in the same circles as this man :thumbsup:

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Looks like I'm gonna have to test ya????



"Which gixxer track bike would be best for me?????"



I'll join the forum and see if ya can keep me from being flamed????







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Well, I would have to humbly suggest an 05 750. Which, of course is MY track bike! Get another color besides yellow and black though. For some reason, bugs really like that color and congregate around it.

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