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Paul Mihalka

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It is way early, but like many of us I'm looking at places in Northern Cali. I like small towns. On my way to the UN I'd like to do the loop of rt. 36 and rt. 299 to the coast and back. I wanted to do it on my way to John Day, but fires nixed it. I found Weaverville, just West of Redding. Spend two nights there and do the loop between breakfast and dinner. Any tips, opinions, information on this? Darn, it's still more than half a year away...

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You might want to add Chandelier Tree near Leggett.




Also, there's a great burger joint in Mad River, off 36.


Paul, you might want to give Rick Mayer a jingle and see if he couldn't "help you out" during your stay. Very cordial guy, especially with the long distance set. He's in Anderson, CA.




And, no, I don't mean "help you out" with regard to a seat. He might be a resource/source for lodging help.


You're gonna love that area near the coast. The Lost Coast area is rugged and very beautiful.


There's also Dinsmore as a consideration for you.

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Paul, that's a strong loop.


Ya might want to get up early for it. :grin:


I did come back from the Un on 36 during the fires. My RT smelled like smoke for a week after.



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The area you speak of is vast. CA2, CA299, CA197, CA1, US101 to name a few. I don't think I would stay in Weaverville for two nights as a home base. I will give it some thought and get back to you.

I was in the area doing all those roads this past summer. So I have information, I just don't have the time right now to get into it.

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