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R1100 cut off, won't start


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Well Back in April when I bought my R1100 GS with 40500miles this forum was very helpful in figuring out my fuelpump was dead and I replaced it.....


Now last Friday at 47800 miles while riding in 45F weather with light rain, I stopped at the local store, bought some groceries and started her, she ran for 5 seconds and then died..... tried firing her up, she would run at best for 2seconds and die, killed the battery, took battery home charged it came back next day, tried again, nothing.... loaded her in uhaul van. took her home, unloaded her with help of neighbor... he asked what's wrong I said she won't run... pushed starter button she ran for 10minutes, I turned her off to get dressed and go for a short ride to check.... but she never started again.


Things I have checked...


Battery OK Gel kind, on charger since at house

Fuel pump kicks in for 3 seconds to built pressure

checked at injector as I took of quick disconnect

coil changed same problem

test with quick disconnects off and pushing start button after 3sec of gas... negative


so my concern is should after the 3 seconds of initial pressure building the pump kick in the second you hit the starter button ? I think yes... it is not.




sitting on center stand

side stand switch functional and not the problem


it did this once before in mid June, I took the tank off and put it back on and it ran foine, I couldn't figure out why or how it fixed itself....


being used to Lucas Electrics and my 66 rover, I would think it is either a wire pinch, or... my 94 rover had this problem a bad ECU model that is not telling fuelpump to send fuel.... could also of course be fuel tank liner paint clogging the pump ?...


all thoughts are welcome...


I wish I had a second brain for this bike, is the injection module the same as on other R1100's ?....


thanks !

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With an 1100 and rain with the symptoms you describe the favourite culprit has to be the Hall Effect Sensor - or to be more exact, the wiring to it.




do you hear the fuel pump run for a second or two at switch-on?

does the tach needle jump about?



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right gauge jumpy... hear pump.... last time it did this same conditions after rain but not full on rain.. will google this sounds almost british problem....

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The jumpy guage is a clincher. The wiring to the HES assembly is behind the crank pulley at the front of the engine, with the wiring loom clamped to the block, exiting at the top of the engine. The clamp is the weak-spot with the engine heat leading to break-down of the inner insulation - the outer sheath looks fine. In the wet, the water gets into the loom and shorts the wires.


Fix is either a new assembly (beemer boneyard is a good source) or replacing the wiring with heat-resistant wire. One of our mambers (Bmwmick I think) used to offer a rebuild service.




PS - do a search on this forum for +hall +effect +sensor (include the + signs) with a date set to say, two years, for a wealth of information.

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