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Stock seat ARGH!!!!!!


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Yes you can't go wrong with the top three custom builders, RDL, Bill & Rick Mayer.


My Rick Mayer just arrived yesterday and the guy is amazing. From photos and dimensions sent, the seat is like I sat in a mold and was created from there. It's so good, I tossed the box in the work dumpster this morning, I know it will never have to go back for adjustment.


I don't know why I didn't do this sooner instead of suffering with the several variations of seat modifications I went through. Other than tossing the shocks (in two weeks) the seat is the best improvement.

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I will offer this advice at no charge: Sitting on a seat for a few moments means almost nothing. I have owned two Russell Day Longs and they honestly don't feel super comfy when you first try them on. The Mayer seats, Cee Bailey that I own certainly look nice and feel nice when you first sit on them. A Corbin feels really nice at first. BUTT, the difference is after the two hour period. Depending on what issues you have with your posterior that become uncomfortable after time, different seat designs are better/worse for different issues. I finally built my own seat to address issues that the others could not, but my best recommendation by far is the Russell for long hours in the saddle if you must buy a custom seat.

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Take a ride to Bill Mayer in Ojai. They'll custom build a saddle for your tush, you won't regret it.



Ordering custom seats by mail makes me nervous. The wife and I rode up and spent 5 hours in Ojai. The guys up there took good care of us. Took a couple rides during the build until they were "just right". The ride home was a great releif! Well worth the time and money!

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Hey GreatDaysAhead,


I have a RDL you could see and sit on. I would have to agree with anothers comment about you need to really ride it for a few hours to really appreciate it.


I would become uncomfortable after 200 miles on my BMW comfort saddle. Now I can go 500 plus and not even think about my rear. :grin:


I live in the Vista / San Marcos area. (North SD County)

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I wrote this thank you to Rick Mayer recently:



I happen to arrive home from work just as the F-Ex guy was at the door. I had stuff to do so I waited for the right moment to open the box and inspect your work. Since I'm a machinist for a DOD firm, I have an eye for quality and precise tolerances. Your craftsmanship is impeccable.... NASA should hire to you make seats for the shuttle to fit each crew member specifically. Fit to the bike and contours would make one think it came with the bike, but wait what am I saying? If the seat was good to begin with, why would I have it replace by a master craftsman such as yourself. Once I sat in the seat I was astounded and perplexed as to how you could manufacture this artwork from the pictures and data I supplied. I don't need to ride this bike to know it will be perfect. The seat fits my posterior like I sat in a mold and you simply covered it with leather. The relief contours for my legs are perfect for my 30" inseam and can still be sure footed in the middle position. This was a concern of mine and you accomplished exactly what I wanted.

My 150 mile commute on weekends for my USFS reserve patrol duties will be much more enjoyable I'm sure. In fact, I may just sign up for another district so I can ride farther. I don't think I need to write back a ride report as I'm positive this is the real deal. But if you like....I will.


BTW, people on the BMW sport touring forum bashed your time delivery. I figured I'd give you a shot any way and why rush perfection. I wasn't in any hurry and thought the delivery time was very reasonable.


Thank you Rick,

Mike Worshum "


Having said that, My ride report to him will be:

My 1987 mile Holiday journey was a pleasure due to the RM seat. Leaving L.A. up the 5 I realized I had rode until the gas light came on. I have never owned a motorcycle, and I've owned plenty, I could ride the tank dry...almost. The ride was for sure a test to the RT seat but I hadn't done a real trip other than my commute to Wrightwood every weekend, in years. I thought why not visit friends up north. Other than some foul weather on the return ride, it was one I'll not forget.

The time element from shipping my stock seat to RM to returned product was four days less than a calendar month. Since we have weekends and shipping time included I thought delivery time was reasonable. Much more reasonable than the 6 week wait I experienced for the Corbin that I shouldn't have ordered for the GS to arrive. Now I must do something with the Corbin board they call a seat. I will surely be calling RM to build another seat for the GS and the Corbin will go on the auction block....pun intended.

I realize seats are a personal accoutrement and must be chosen carefully, and perhaps several attempts have to be made as un my case, with several attempts by other seat-smith’s to fix a bad seat. Some folks may take things upon themselves to accomplish the quality they are seeking. I think it's great to have the skill level and tools to build a seat knowing exactly what foam to use and how to shape it and the sewing machine to handle the task. I’ve seen some home brew seats and I wouldn’t have them on a lawnmower. I'm a do it myself person also which is why I put my 30 + years of machining skills and my CNC machines to use, to manufacture my own mounts for accessories because there's nothing on the market that is of the quality I expect. That’s because I can, but sometimes craftsmanship beyond ones skill level requires you to “call the guy” and I will be calling RM again.


BTW, The box that the RM seat was shipped in will stay in the dumpster as I expected. Although, I wish I had it now to ship my GS seat to RM.



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I have a new Russell. Did a ride-in to

Shasta Lake in October. Am in Rancho

Bernardo. If you want to see it, email

me at Ed.Brown@geoconsultants.com It is

on my 09 RT. After I got there, I decided

on the rider's backrest also. Only use

it for long rides. Rest of the time it

is in the garage.....

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check out kontourseats.com i don't know much about them but you might want to check out their website

I saw one of these seats on a GS earlier this year, but the rider left before I could ask him about it. The Polar Mesh fabric looked like it would be extremely comfortable. Is this stuff available elsewhere, or proprietary to KonTour Seats

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Very compelling story. I am already committed to the RDL. Sure would like to hear from anyone that owns one of these and has some time on it.

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