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Top box without key!


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I have a bit of a problem. I sold my F650GS and the guy didn't want the top box so I kept it, looking to sell it separately.

Its the one where the ignition key opens the box.


Unfortunately it is locked, I don't have a spare key and therefore I am stuck with a locked top box without a key, and even worse some of my tools were in the box!


Is it possible to

a. Open the box without a key?

b. Change the locks?


Any suggestions??????


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sirpunchalot, a couple of suggestions..


First & easiest is to visit your local BMW motorcycle dealer.. There is a chance they might have a key that will work..


Next is to try & buy another original ignition key from BMW.. If you bought the bike new they should have records on the key number (keys are not real cheap though)


You can try a local Lock Smith (maybe not too much money?)


Or my all time favorite—drill the old lock cylinder out then you can insert a screwdriver & turn the inner lock).. Keep in mind unless you limit the drill depth & don’t use a lot of caution you can permanently damage the lock area so if you do this do a lot of research or ask someone that has done it before.. Also new cylinders are not cheap so the buying a new key might be the cheaper approach..





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How about contacting the guy you sold the bike to. Did you give him more than one key? If so, ask him to send you a key so that you can unlock the top box. You can have the key duplicated and return one to him. That is probably the least expensive way to go.

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Thanks guys!

I tried calling the bloke I sold it too, but he was not happy to send me the key to his bike as I know where he lives etc. Fair enough really...

Will try the dealer next to see if they can help.


Love that quote Twisty -> "Only a Motorcyclist knows why a dog rides with his head out the car window" Brilliant!

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Perhaps the answer is obvious, but can you take the locked case to where the new bike owner can unlock it for you? Or ship it to him? (I'm assuming that he's not planning on sending the key to you).


OTOH, I've heard that some locksmiths have managed to "pick" one of these locks, and sometimes the "drilling" procedure has been successful. But also I've heard that both these methods can easily cause further damage to the lock assembly.


By far the best first step would be to somehow get a working key.



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Take a drive over and let him unlock the case.

Have him meet you in between if it is a bit of a hike.

Pay for his gas.

If he is insecure about you getting a key, have him send it to the dealer and let them unlock it.

You pay for his expenses sending the key and for the return.

There's a solution looking for y'all.

Good luck.

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Having thought a little more about this, I recall that when I've actually pulled the lock cylinder out of the lock housing, I thought I needed to have the good key inserted in the cylinder. If that's truly necessary then meeting the new owner for a quick unlock wouldn't be so simple - you would have to have some instructions, a tool, a flashlight, and lots of patience to get that cylinder out for rekeying. Hope I'm wrong, but I now think there's more to it than just unlocking the case and then leaving without the good key. The question is, can the cylinder be removed without a good key inserted in it and turned to the "unlock" position?

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I tried calling the bloke I sold it too, but he was not happy to send me the key to his bike as I know where he lives etc. Fair enough really...


I don't think it's fair enough. You sold him the bike, made an honest mistake, now need a simple favor and he won't help you out? What a jerk! :mad:



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What a jerk.


I ran into this when I bought my top case. I ended up driving to the sellers house 1.5hrs away just to have access to key for 5min to remove the lock cylinder.


AFAIK it can't be removed without the key.



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