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Rebuild Clutch and Brake Master Cylinders

Dave Faria

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GM List. To start I own a R1150RT with 72k miles and I change all brake fluid in both clutch and brake systems every 12k miles so I don't think I will ever have any problems with the systems(I hope). But, what I wantd to ask is can the master cylinders be successfully rebuilt if they ever leak. Rebuild kits are now available and I was thinking about picking up a kit for each system because of the price increases of things from overseas. I rebuilt the brake master cylinder for my 1978 R80/7 without any problems. So:


1. Are any special tools needed for the rebuild???

2. Will they probably still leak after rebuild???

3. Any wisdom you want to share???


Thanks Again List


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I don't see any reason not to. Before the price of labor made it too expensive I rebuilt countless masters on autos with no problem. Some couldn't be rebuilt because of corrosion in the bore from lack of fluid changes, but you, like most of us, stay on top of that.


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Thanks twocyl. I also posted this on the MOA list and I'll share. One person came back with using a mighty vac successfully in refilling the systems. I've read some people have real difficulty refilling the systems mainly the IABS control circuits and the clutch. I just wanted to see what I could learn and put in my files for the future.

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The factory fills from the bottom up using a fill adaptor on the callipers for the brakes and on the bleed hose for the clutch. It may be easier to use a pressure bleeder on those points to fill the system.



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I have always pushed the brake fluid back up from the bleeders with a trigger pressure type oil can. Just keep an eye on the master so it doesn't overflow.


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