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Sierra/Rockies in July


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My wife teaches and the school calendar now dictates a return to ATL by the last week in July. Long ride planning is 2nd wk in June through 3rd week in July.


Rockies next year - Sierras in 2011 - will I deal with lot's of closed passes ... bad roads ... very cold??


I believe August is best, but can a July trip to the high moutains work?


As Always THX ;~)

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Why don't you switch your plans and do your Sierra ride next year 2010? Join us at the Unrally in the Sierras, it falls exactly in your time window.

Colorado passes should be all open in June/July, even mid-May. Farther North June 15 on should be OK with some very rare exceptions on minor roads.

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August is usually the busiest month in the Sierra in terms of number of tourists. July is usually better. There shouldn't be any problems with closures.


What Paul said.

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