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Mortorsports S1000RR at local dealer


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Looking good. Let's hope it performs competitively with the Japanese bikes and that they are able to keep its price competitive as well. If so, it could be the first step toward mainstreaming BMW dealerships and the BMW name. . .something that's a bit unpopular among the quirk purists, but something that the present world market pretty much demands BMW do. It can continue with its traditional and even idiosyncratic models, but it also needs to accept how the mainstream market views motorcycles and compete on that level, too.

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I am pleased BMW is heading in this direction. When I bought my RT back in 2000, the K1200RS was the sportiest bike BMW made -- and even that bike, at 600+lbs and 130 or so hp wasn't much of a blip on the sport or hyper sport landscape. 'Busas and ZX14's didn't even notice the bike. They notice the K bikes now :smile:


Now, BMW lives up to its reputation by producing bikes that challenge or better the competition (the Italian bikes? -- maybe not). This mainstreaming of their products can only lead to more reliable, cost competitive motorcycles. Viva la RT and GS, but let's have this S1000RR and that 6 cylinder tourer as well. Can't wait to see some of the other bikes that sweet 6 ends up on. K1600S anyone? :thumbsup:


Now, if they can just do something about those drive trains...

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From the MCN website:


"In the meantime, here’s how the S1000RR matches up on paper. Obviously we can’t verify BMW’s claims for power and weight, but if they’re right and the bike isn’t oddly geared then the S1000R should accelerate discernibly faster than the lardy underpowered competition.


Which would mean we have a BMW which blows a GSX-R1000 into the weeds... and who ever thought that would happen?"




Power to weight ratio


BMW Honda Fireblade GSXR1000 R1 ZX-10R


0.95 bhp/kg 0.89 bhp/kg 0.89 bhp/kg 0.90 bhp/kg 0.90 bhp/kg

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