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Coffee Klatcher??


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Tomorrow, is the Second Tuesday of the month. Are we doing the Coffee Klatch bragging and lying thing? Last month it rained so we are all down a month. Yes????????

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Well, heck and Dang. Just retired and realized sitting there watching a tape of the last motoGP that there just might be one of these meetings. Missed it! I gotta get a new calendar now.

Remind me to have my wine after I get home, not at 4 o'clock.

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I was already home before 4 o'clock.


I'm afraid that is the reason that I didn't make it. It gets dark so darn early that I had already had a glass of wine before my "reminder" poped up on the iPhone. I thought surely I'll be fine by 7:00PM, that's another couple hours. What a wimp, one glass of wine and I'm not riding two hours later.


Next time I'll have my reminders pop up earlier in the winter.

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