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Odd pothole damage


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Hit an 8" deep one at about 50mph the other day. Caused my rear tail lens to break off (fixed with glue), broke a tab/hook off the front of the right saddlebag (made a metal bracket to take it's place).


It seems to ride just fine, but the next time I hit a decent bump it caused an oil splash on the windscreen. There was a trail from the left front fork upper rubber seal down to the brake.


Like I said, it seems to be handling fine, but after I clean off the windscreen, invariably I will hit a nasty bump and spray it again.


Anyone have any ideas? I thought the tele-lever put all the load on the actual shock (which appears fine) and the fork was steering only.

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+1 on checking for a bent rim. They can be straightened if they are not cracked. Some Mag wheel specialists can sometimes straighten rims.

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Classic fork seal. Easily fixed, for now grab a rag and a few zip ties and wrap up the area zip tight to the slider and looser on the stationary tube. That will stop the spray action until you can fix the seal.

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I think I got lucky on the rim, I had been doing alot of 2up riding recently so I was running a little higher than usual on both front and rear plus it was a graveled pothole not concrete or pavement. They had just cut through for a culvert and did a temp fill with gravel and it washed out in one spot.


My saddlebag fix turned out better than the original. It is much stronger and tighter now.


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