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Our other family


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This weekend saw an article published in a UK newspaper that described the motorcycling community as a second family. Linky


This description resonated with my experiences - and not just because I am one of the ex-servicemen on the 6-poiter ride cited in the article.


I was wondering if this feeling of family translates to the US motorcycle scene.



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It does to an extent, but having about 70 times the land mass of England, it's hard to have the physical closeness one would expect of the words "family." Still, when I see others enjoying their bikes, I feel a kinship because I can relate to the experience.

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I like it, and can certainly identify with some of what she's saying, especially after I broke down during my 50CC.


This community of people is closer to the fore in many of my thoughts that at least one of my blood relations.

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With the size of the land and the number of riders here in the USA it would be a very diverse and large family. Also in time of need it often happened that a rider in trouble was helped by riders of a completely different style.

OTOH I first said it when my bike's rear drive died in Whistler BC, with the help and offers of help I received, that bmwsporttouring.com is more than family, it is a brotherhood!

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Thanks for sharing and a very worthy read. Outside my parents and now Laura, I have nobody that I consider to be closer than some of you in here. The others are as tight as any cousin I have and I look forward to hearing all of the great stories everyone shares in here.

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Although Ive not met anyone on BMSWT as of yet, there is most definitely a very strong bond or connection between many or most of the members on this site. BMWST is my only experience with MC riders and I would hope that outside of this forum and in general one rider would lend a helping hand to another.

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