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Heidenau K60s for GSA


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Just received my Heidenau K60s for my GSA. These are dual sport tires more aggressive than the "street" oriented dual sport tires but not quite as aggressive as TKCs. I only get at 4K on my TKC, otherwise they would be fine. These K60s have full 12mm of tread depth and reportedly will get nearly double the milage as the TKC with great on-road and off-road handling. Here are a couple pics of the rear tire:





The cost $96 for the front and $119 for the rear. I'll post a review after I use them. I still need to wear out my TKCs first, but that never takes very long

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Just put them on my F800GS too John! I'll let ya know after I start riding again!


Reports are very favorable for longer life than the TKC and excellent off road manners.

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