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We are headed out the door in a few mins to have dinner with America's Most Wanted, but I thought I'd publish this for you folks. Jake wanted a web site, obviously, and we'd like to get it up (in rudimentary form) by the first of the year. Obviously we won't have info yet on routes, a definite schedule, etc., but it'll give people an interactive gathering place.


Anyhow, this just shows the navigation and categories. There's a very brief explanation of what will be on each page. In addition to the appropriate text, there will be pictures, of course. We have some from Jake and Kathy and MurrayG's recon trip, some from the campground's web site, and a few I've been snagging from here and there.


The programming for this was done entirely by Nathan, our 17 year old (those of you who came to 4T met him). He's been doing these things since he was 13! Young minds make me sick. He even did that graphic in the header from scratch.




We'll work on the text, next, so be prepared for some "volunteer" assignments. And if you see some things that should be added to the existing categories, please point them out. Thanks.

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Nathan - thanks for all the great work! Now then, there's a nice little motorcycle in your Dad's garage that's calling your name for a little spin (psst. it's the black one....)


BTW - the link to "Skim" isn't working - all the rest are (snap) dyno-mite.

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The header, with the topics "riding in" are terrific! But, little Miss Knowsnothing About Computers gets nothing when she clicks on the topics.

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Nathan: Fine job. It looks good. Okay, David break my heart make me ride a bunch of routes out of Eureka trying to find the most fun ones. I can also snap a pic or two, of course they will be award winners, if only in my dreams. tongue.gif I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. ttfn.

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