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My gass gauge has gone to the other side

Mike T

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My gas gauge has always read on the conservative side (i.e. says I'm out of gas when I have quite a bit left.) Well this week it decided it would stat reading a 1/4 tank higher than it actually is. I was watching my trip miles (that I reset on fill-up) and was surprised that it showed 1/4 tank left at 340 miles. Computer said I had 107 miles to go before I ran out of gas. Well I ran out at 344 miles. Had to call the wife to come with a gas can to bail me out.


It just goes to show that if you think your gas mileage is getting really good all of a sudden it's probably not as good as you think.


Time to read up on the sending unit in the tank to see if I can adjust it somehow.

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Very, very, very common issue.


The fix is a trip to the dealership for a new sending unit and calibration. Not user doable, unfortunately.

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Mine continues to be as consistently inaccurate as always so I don't need to replace it, but is this seems like something the GS 911 folks should look into.

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