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Nav III Cheap Solution


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I recently got a BMW Nav III GPS unit for he RT. It's the first GPS unit I've ever owned so I'm new to this. I need to find an ear piece so I can hear the chick tell me where to go. What is everyone else using? I don't want to wire up a whole comm system, I only need to hear the GPS unit. Any suggestions? Are people using bluetooth? Where can I buy something?

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You might want to try it first to make sure you really need to be able to hear it. The visual directions are plenty adequate for me, and the bother of rigging it so I could hear the auditory signals would not be worth it. I do listen to "Betty" (as my kids named her) in the car sometimes.



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I use some Sony ear buds that I purchased at Best Buy. They are sound reducing, and have some soft rubber rings in 3 sizes that fit over the earpiece and help fit your ear. They have a small volume control built in. I think they were $60.00 They work great.

Good Luck

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