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Need Tires In Texas!


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Cycle Gear has competitive prices and charges a low fee per wheel. You have to remove the wheels, but that should be easy enough. Destination Cycle in Fredericksburg might be able to hook you up as well. The are a Japanese multi-brand dealer, but they will probably be more than willing to help.

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Cycle Gear in Austin will also do price matching if you have the time to call. Best prices for me that they've matched was at Central Texas power Sports. Cycle Gear for an additional fee offers a road hazard warranty. If you have a flat with more than 80% of the original trad remains you get a new tire and pay only the mounting fee. Less than 80% the tire is prorated towards a new tire. Both places require you to remove the wheels.


Cycle Gear's phone in Austin is: (512)302-0702

Central Texas Power Sports in Georgetown North of Austin: I don't have the phone.

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