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Instrument light replacement R1150RT


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Hi all,


Want to say hi. I've been lurking for a while and really enjoying the great information on this site. Finally came up with something I can't seem to figure out or find any past threads on and thought maybe someone here has already been there and done that with my problem.


I've had a light go out in my speedo. I'm replacing all the headlight bulbs so I thought I would go ahead and replace all the instrument lights. My problem is I can't figure out how to get the speedo out of the holder. I've removed the to 10mm nuts bit the instrument won't budge and I can't get to the bulbs with it in the holder. any thoughts?


Thank you




Bike is a 2003 R1150RT

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thanks for the reply. I made an error in my first post. The light went out in the Tach, not the speedo, sorry.... I do see how the trip cable would have to be removed. Thanks for suggesting. The tach is the one I've been trying to get out for now, with no luck. Are they usually hard to remove from the enclosure thing they are in?



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Mine was also stuck when I replaced the lamps. Warm the housing with a heat gun so it expands the plastic housing a little and the tach will slip out. It will not take much heat. You'll also see a little grit to clean out as well.

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I just did that a couple of days ago. Speedo bulb was out. I bought 2 from BMW for a few bucks each. Took out the speedo, found it took two bulbs, so off to the local auto parts store with bulb in hand. Carquest part #CLB37.... $.69 each.


My tach came out hard, I tapped the studs with a soft mallet. Shoulda warmed it up....


I learned right away, when taking things apart, fix everything once. I put in a set of 4" speakers too.


I bought 2 pkgs of Zip ties and put back all the ones I cut to get the instrument cluster out.



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Thanks for the reply's. All is done and back together. Those stock speakers sure get in the way. The right one would not come out with the fuel tank in place. I was able to move the speaker just enough to use some 12" long needle nose pliers to get to the fog lamp bulb. I left the top fairing and headlamp assembly in place. Had to remove the windshield, dash, both sides Tupperware and left speaker. Getting the speedo and tach out is quite a chore. I agree David, I replaced all the lights (fog lights, head light, hi beam, instruments) and replaced the zip ties like you did. Also sinked the carbs so I should be good for a while.





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Your correct David. T10 is to big. My error.


I used Eiko #74 bulbs. Per a internet search they are T1.75 (sometimes also referred as T5) bulbs (5mm wide). The #74 are just a little thinner then the original but fit the socket fine. I can't tell that they are any dimmer or brighter then the originals.

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thanks for the heat info.... light tapping only scared me that i was doing more damage. add heat and presto. ridiculous amoumt of work for these tiny little bulbs!

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