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5th Annual West Michigan Tech Daze September 26th (New & Improved!)


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It was a good day. And, I have photos to prove it (just have to figure out how to upload them).



The location was great!


Much was learned.


Teamwork was required.


And, our host took care of us.


Thanks, Eric! We hope to do this again.



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ah, but don't worry, it was DOT4 fluid....



Yep, I enjoyed it also. Really great place, and we all appreciated your hospitality.


You are the new King of West Mi Tech Daze!





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Thanks Eric for hosting. Thanks to all those who attended, it was great to meet you. And thanks for all of the shared knowledge.


Hope to attend again.

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Joe Frickin' Friday

The Zeeland Tech Daze was indeed a great success. Only a few (three?) bikes actually got worked on, but many others showed up to chat and make new friends.


Bob Smith trailered his R-bike in from Brighton, and I rode in from Ann Arbor. We worked together to replace a leaking head gasket on his bike, and then put it through a standard 12K maintenance. The previous owner had torqued the bejeezus out of the drain/fill plugs on the final drive, but we managed to crack 'em loose, so all went well. The head gasket took care of the oil leak, and with a valve adjust and TB synch, Bob reported that his bike was running noticeably smoother and quieter. :thumbsup:


Eric had quite the Tech Daze facility at his company, Black Swamp Percussion. In case you missed it in the announcement, here are some pics of the venue. Plenty of tools and space available, as well as good food for breakfast and lunch.


Thanks to Eric for hosting, and everyone else for attending; I'll look forward to seeing you all at a future Tech Daze. :wave:

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I would like to have attended, but we had to go to a family reunion in Lansing Saturday. We were WB on I-96 about 5:20 PM, and I believe I saw you EB in the Lansing area headed for home.

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I know its taken a while for me to post - but I just happened to follow-up my tech daze trip to Zeeland with a 25th wedding anniversay trip to the USVI (Yes - I'm bragging)

But I did want to thank everyone involved - The venue was fantastic and what Mitch was able to teach me was amazing. I was pretty nervous to pull the heads off my bike - but with Mitch's help and encouragment it went very smoothly.


Great crowd and great people



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