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System case question?


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Is there a method to removing the red tab? I have a damaged system case from a 2003 RT and am attempting to salvage all usable parts from it. Any help would be much appreciated.



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Typically the whole locking mechanism comes out as a unit. You have to drill out the rivets that hold it on from the inside of the case, then the hook mechanisms have little keepers that are held in place with a pin that you have to tap out with a skinny punch, then the whole box comes off as a unit.


Beyond that, there is a part number for the components of the locking mechanism (multi-function box), see http://www.maxbmwmotorcycles.com/fiche/ShowNotes.asp?pn=71607654337, so somehow the box must come apart.

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Once you drill the heads off the 7 rivets, and punch out the pins the locking assy will come out. Then drill 5? more rivets. Remove the 2 pieces of plastic trim, and the lock will come out. I had one re keyed. Took me 1/2 hour to get the lock out. Now all my locks take the same key.


There are gaskets under each of the 7 rivets.


David :)

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