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Question for LEOs


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Is there a new scam for buying cars?


I have seen in the last few weeks quite a few notes on my truck and even had two people stop by and ask about vehicles for sale. (They sit mostly, since I don't drive)

One stopped by and asked about my 4 runner and then asked about the RX-7. Now if you are looking for a car for your sister/son/daughter as they say, why would you look at such completely different vehicles?


After this little flurry of activity, I now am afraid to sell anything without going through some type of escrow company to make sure however I get paid is "real."


I just wondered if there was some "new" scam out there...

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Checking for alarms, security at the home, presence of dogs, hours your home and aren't, whether they see spend rouonds on the floor of the vehicles, etc...

Keep a weather eye out.

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So these are just strangers who happen to wander up your quiet dead end street and ask if your cars are for sale?


Like other replies, seems a bit suspicious because they may be casing the area for other crimes. The "is the car for sale" is a common excuse when trying to explain their presence.


Please keep heads up and report these dudes to Benicia PD. Could be responsible in other crimes nearby.


When they ask if your car is for sale, reply, "not right now, but give me your name, address and phone number so I can contact you when they are".


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Worrisome since you've been traveling of late.


Take their photos.

Keep the paper note for fingerprints.


I'm not an LEO, but I watched COPS tonight! :grin:

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Calvin  (no socks)

Could be the Governments "Cash for Clunkers Mobile Urban Aquisition Force"... Chanting their mantra and actively seeking out seldom used vehicles for removal and termination .... ;-)


I have some clients interested in the RX-7... can I send them by this afternoon?

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Not an LEO but a few years ago I had someone stop by and ask about a Nissan truck. My house is visible from a high traffic street, and after buying a new vehicle the Nissan spent a few weeks in the driveway while I cleaned it up to sell.


Guy that stopped by said he'd seen the new truck and wondered if I would be willing to sell the old one. He was driving a later model that still shared all the Hardbody parts, so he knew what he was getting into even with +250k mileage. We settled on a price and he came back the next day with cash.


Right place, right time, right circumstances and saved me time and hassle. I'm happy the guy stopped by.

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The supply of decent used cars in the sub-$6K range has been decimated by the cash for clunkers program. Anything that didn't get traded in is suddenly worth more because of the limited supply available.


Buyers leaving notes may not even be private parties, they may be buying for dealers! One can do quite well knocking on doors and asking about cars that seem to be under-utilized... Many folks have no idea what their car might be worth, and will often sell for much less than someone who's done their homework, and been thinking about selling.



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Ok just a little different perspective.


Depending on age of people asking. Is person under 30 asking about rx-7?

If so then they want the car for drifting plain and simple. Nortoriously good car for that.


Persons asking about truck(s) possibly Latino? Simple, many trucks go to Central America where they fetch a high price. Especially anything 80's to mid 90's.



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Richard, I have been wondering the same thing. 4 notes left on my truck in the last 2-3 months. Two of the notes were pre-printed with a blank space for the vehicle type. it simply read: I would like to buy your (TRUCK) and a phone number. I've noticed I haven't gotten a note since I washed it.

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Persons asking about truck(s) possibly Latino? Simple, many trucks go to Central America where they fetch a high price. Especially anything 80's to mid 90's.




Hmm. That might explain all the mini-pickups I've seen being towed south (by other mini-pickups) on I-5 through the Central Valley of California. I see 'em every time I travel that way. Thanks, Tony!


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