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How to check oil level on R1200C


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A new acquaintance has a recently purchased '02 R1200C and I was wondering what is the best way to check the oil level. A service stand is available to keep the bike standing straight if necessary. Also, does this model have an oil cooler? A Clymer manual is on order, but we want to ride this weekend to check it out. Any help is appreciated.

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If your friend wants a once over on the bike, I could give him/her alot of info- most good maybe some useless, but I am not that far away and it would be a nice excuse for a colorful ride. send me a PM. In the meantime, let the oil drain to the sump for about 30 seconds while verticle. use a mirror or assistant check the level.

Check out the chromeheads on the web located here.......


Yes there is an oil cooler- that is why the scoops are in the frame



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