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I am interested in a "different" bike


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I did not say new, because I cannot afford to buy new. so keep in mind I am probably looking at a 2005 - 2007 model year bike

so what am I looking for

well to start with my R1100RT is 15 years old with 110,000 miles. Other than one rebuilt gear box, no serious problems. And even today it starts right up with first push of the button. Mechanically it has been a dream. If it weighed in at 495 lbs ready to ride, I would not be making change.

As noted above ideally, something that weighs around 495 ready to ride with 1/2 tank of gas

The style of bike is not really that important, I would consider a GS just as well as an RT.

ABS is required. I know my limitations, I do not practice my stopping as I should, and I commute every day to and from work 40 miles round trip.

Needs to be able to hold/carry a GIVI 52 liter top case. I only use the top case for commuting. On weekend trips or BRR, or UN trips I take soft luggage.

I love the old style city lid bags on my RT. My typical set up for any sport riding is city lid bags and one or two helen two wheel soft bags.

As noted above, if I could get a hydraulic clutch system and weight down to 495 lbs I would never get rid of my current RT. For a number of reasons, the 625+ pounds of the RT is now getting to be a problem . And with my daily commute, I make about 150 clutch pulls per day. Probably around 900 on average per week. So I break clutch cables often. And I really work to keep them lubed and correctly adjusted.

I have a number of idea’s about potential bikes, but wanted some of the other riders’ on this board to give me some ideas. I am sure there are bikes or set ups I have not considered.


Oh I am 6_5 280 lbs.


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Well, you have a bike in your barn now I would choose. There are others...ST 1300 or the C-14 albeit you are a rather tall man.


The 1200 RT is a great bike and more ooomph than your 1100. Many used ones for sale and not so much $$$.


Now i am maybe done with BMW for the moment...I am considering a new Japanese bike. The GSA may stay but it depends on my mood. Now the GSA might be a bike for you? Take one on a ride and soooon.!! :thumbsup:

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Take a good look and a test ride on the Sprint ST or even the RS in the earlier models. They pretty much fall into your weight criteria, make a good deal more power and are as reliable as a mill stone. No hydraulic clutch but the clutch cables are dead simple to replace/adjust and a little attention to proper lube will last a long, long time.


Depending on model year, they will sell in the 4-6.5K range. The '05 up models are a little better in terms of HP and from '07 on come with factory bags.


Likely you will need some mods. Certainly fork and shock springs at your weight and probably a peg lowering kit as the seat to peg is a little snug. Bar risers are a personal choice but that will depend on torso length vs arm length and how well you can adapt to a Master Yoda riding position.


Fuel consumption is superb on the later models and not bad at all on the earlier ones. Maintenance is more or less a non-issue. Change the oil at 6K mile intervals, lube chain at 500 mile intervals, valve inspection is every 12K miles but they seldom need adjustment (shims) in anything less than 36K miles. Prices for parts are on par with BMW (expensive) from the factory but there are aftermarket alternatives.


Both Givi and SW Mototech make racks that will allow the E52 to be fitted to the bike, I prefer the Givi as it is more robust. Check with Twisted Throttle.


I'll have over 24K miles on my '08 Sprint in just shy of 7 months now and I can honestly say it is the best all round bike I have ever owned. It out VFRs the VFR that I also owned. That bike was voted the best sport touring bike something like 8 years running.

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Tiger would probably be a better fit for a big guy. At 280 lbs it is still gonna need some springs. Much less weather protection though and not as stable in the wind. I've ridden both and much prefer the Sprint, especially after I upgraded my suspension. Then again, I'm 7" shorter and 95 lbs lighter than Randy.

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Tiger would probably be a better fit for a big guy. At 280 lbs it is still gonna need some springs. Much less weather protection though and not as stable in the wind. I've ridden both and much prefer the Sprint, especially after I upgraded my suspension. Then again, I'm 7" shorter and 95 lbs lighter than Randy.


The Tiger was my second choice to the R1200RT I currently own. There are a lot of days I wish it had been my first. I will add my +1 recommendation for the Tiger.




P.S. Randy, sorry about the lack of report on the KTM. Some family things came up. My formal apologies for letting that one fall off the grid.



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Hey Lone RT, I am just curious as to what you mean by this "There are a lot of days I wish it had been my first." I greatly considered the RT, but ended up with the LT because my wife wanted the riding comfort, but I still love the looks and ergos of the RT. Have you had problems with your RT?

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Hey Lone RT, I am just curious as to what you mean by this "There are a lot of days I wish it had been my first." I greatly considered the RT, but ended up with the LT because my wife wanted the riding comfort, but I still love the looks and ergos of the RT. Have you had problems with your RT?


I could lament for at least three paragraphs about why I am not completely thrilled about my R12RT, but this is Randy's thread and I don't care to hijack it.


I will say that I don't ride 2 up hardly at all, so my perspective on the R12RT may be a bit different than yours. Feel free to PM me if you want more details and I will try and respond tonight after work.



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did not consider the triumph, I will have to check them out. Currently I actually own a 2004 955i as a track bike. But I was thinking the sprint was well into the 550 lb range. I will check out a the abs/bag model sprint specs.


Yep I looked at the tiger, for some reason I like the GS adventure better, but I will go back and look at it again.


The R12RT does not even come close to my weight desire so that was removed at the start.


thanks for some of the comments, if you think of any others let me know.

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just checked a 2007 sprint ST with bags and ABS and 1/2 tank of gas comes in around 540 lbs. That seems to be the magical number. I think the new R12RT, VFR, and ducati ST3 were all in that range. It seems getting a good sport touring bike down to around 500l lbs is more difficult than I anticipated.

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Sprint dry weight is about 210 kg (462 lbs). With half a tank of gas and all the other stuff they remove to get the shipping weight down, it would be about 525 lbs with baggage mounted for an '08 or newer. Staying within the Sprot/Touring category, the only things that might be lighter are a Ducati ST4 or an Aprilla Falco. I say might be cause I haven't done the research.


I can say that compared to an RT, the Sprint is a tiny bike. I have parked right next to Shawn's RT and you can't see the Sprint from the side. It flicks around like it weighs a bunch less than it does and the steering is so neutral as to make riding it, as Bill Walker stated, "a telepathic experience". The Tiger is about the same weight but carries it a bit higher.

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Take a look at the V-Strom, either the 1000 or the 650. the 650 is available with ABS, but no hydralic clutch. The 1000 has a hydralic clutch but no ABS. I recently sold my 99RT with 130K. and bought a 650 strom. If it didn't say 650, you would never know. Check the Stromtrooper.com website for more info.

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I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the one BMW that fits your criteria perfectly: 51-lbs lighter than the R1200RT, hard bag mounts, under 500lbs wet weight with 1/2tank of fuel, model year 2005-2007, hydraulic clutch, sport-like handling, 110bhp, very rare on the street but with common bmw components.


I'm talking, of course, of the BMW R1200ST.



It comes in at ~ 520lbs wet and about 499lbs with only a half tank. With an exhaust can swap you can drop another 5-10lbs pretty cheaply. It takes the full line of BMW luggage (same as R1200RT) which means you would be able to mount your top case with the proper adapter plate. It has a good amount more power than what you currently have and a lot less weight than any of the bikes you are looking at. The hydraulic clutch and moderate seating position with adjustable seat height and adjustable bar height will make commuting a breeze (I know, I commute 50 miles a day with one.)

You would improve the handling over the 1100RT while retaining the telelever front, and there are even city lids available (albeit expensive).


While you would likely have to invest in some suspenders made for your weight, you would get the side effect of outstanding sport handling for your $$ in springs and shocks. You still retain ABS, and, if you can find one, a 2007 model year can get you traction control (in theory) with non-power linked ABS brakes(the non-whizzy kind).


I commute 50 miles in SoCal traffic on my R1200ST, I am 6'0", 200lbs and I believe this is the best bike for commuting, moderate sport riding, and sport touring that I have ever riden.


Here are some cycle trader links:


Red and graphite in SoCal

Inexpensive silver and graphite in OH

Very low-mileage Blue and Silver (the fastest color) in NJ


Good luck and let us know which way you go!



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I noticed there's a nice '08 Benelli Tre-K for sale in the Los Angeles Craigslist. I'd never heard of the Tre-K but the specs look pretty good, and it certainly meets your "different" requirement.

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At 6'4 240 I have ridden all the VSTROMs (650 and 1K), 12RTs, 12GS (not GSA though), Speed Triples, 1 Tiger 1050 and a Multistrada.


I bought this to replace my 96 RT. It just works for me and it's a lot of fun.


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It may be a bit harder to find one but the F800ST sounds like a good fit. Though if I were to have to pick between the two I would take the Sprint. I was very close to handing over money for one when I found a great deal on my K12RS

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well we now have about 15 responses, and as I had hoped and expected I think I had most of them on my list. the triumph sprint was the biggest suprise.


some comments, I know many on this board do not need ABS, but I just feel with the "investment" I currently make into being a good rider (i.e. not enough) I still feel ABS is a necessary item for me. So some of the excellent bikes noted above did not make my list. Regardless of the bike I purchased I included upgrading the suspension. I have wilbers on my current RT and would not ride without them. Other than the braking mods I did, best money ever spent.


Before I posted this was my list


2007 R1200ST yes this was my number one choice


2007 GSA for leg room, and my weight I was torn between this and the ST


Ducati ST3 or older ST4 ( my son has a 996 and I was really thinking a ducati for a year would be fun) Plus BMW of Atlanta now handles ducati.


K1200R sport I love the looks of this bike. if the weight was lower, and the wheel base a little shorter, I think this might have been number 1.


2006 or 2007 VFR ( a little over my desired weight, but no worse than the GSA or ducati)



however now that the sprint has come up, I think that will move into third place. I will find one to test ride and it might move up even more. I love my 955i track bike.


Benelli Tre-K not sure I have ever seen one of these I will check it out


Yes I love the f800st, I think it is a great bike. Just not sure it would handle my weight and height, and I worry about that twin engine, every day commuting stop and go traffic. but I will check into it again.



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ixnay on the BMW 800ST, too small for real men.

Maybe the same for the R ST depending on how it fits you.

The 1100 RSL fit me w/knees in the fairing.

I wanted the ST to be a "better" version of that bike, it is, but the fit just was a bit off for me.

Love the bike though.

If it fits you, you'll be happy.

Triumph makes good motorcycles w/some being better than others.

The Sprint is a good one.

Like a helmet you need to be comfortable, and like me, we don't fit the "typical" ergo designs for most bikes.

So, I guess I'm saying, get the fit sorted out, then tell us which one(s) you would really ride through traffic everyday.

At that point, plenty of suggestions will appear.

Best wishes.

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Tiger would probably be a better fit for a big guy. At 280 lbs it is still gonna need some springs. Much less weather protection though and not as stable in the wind. I've ridden both and much prefer the Sprint, especially after I upgraded my suspension. Then again, I'm 7" shorter and 95 lbs lighter than Randy.


I road my cousin's Tiger and really was impressed on how light and "flickable" it felt. I definitely liked it. Then he went to a Buell Ulysses, and that too, is a serious candidate for a all-road bike.


I think going towards one of these, or even the F800GS (or R1200GS) would probably satisfy the need for a more nimble, yet road worthy ride. That's the direction I would go, and may yet go, post R1200RT.

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currently this is what I like

2007 R1200ST abs

2007 ducati ST3s abs

2007 sprint ST abs


I think all 3 bikes come without abs, so I am only looking at the wet weight with the abs. the ducati has the lowest weight and shortest wheelbase. sprint is in the middle for wheel base, but weighs the most. R1200ST sits in the middle for weight and has the longest wheelbase.


with today's technology, chain vrs shaft is not a problem for me.



I am also considering instead of one all purpose bike, keeping my RT, and looking for a nice 1999 R1100s as my weekend bike. I had a 1999 special edition mandrain/silver R1100s in 2003 - 2004 and loved that bike (until my son totaled it). So that is another option.

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Don't forget about the Rockster.

Hybrid of the S and R.

Handles more like the S with a more upright seating position that I found better than the standard R.


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that is interesting, I thought the rockster was just an R bike with different paint scheme. did not realize it actually had different frame, set up from an R. I will take a look at one.

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Memory faulty right now but I think the S tranny, different bats, and I think some geometry/suspension diffs.

All I know is the first time I rode one I said, "self, this is a lot more fun than the R".

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Having come from a bike with a chain to the R1200ST, I can say I would never willingly go back to a chain bike. While it's not *that* difficult to maintain a chain, it is very inconvienent in the middle of a work week when time is short, clothes are clean and patience is thin.


I've ridden the Ducati ST and like the bike, but would hate dealing with the maintenece schedule as a higher-mileage do it all bike. The ergos might be slightly more comfortable for someone taller than I as compared with the R1200ST, however.


The problem I see for the boxer with taller riders is the ass-to-heel distance. I have a 34" inseam and I suspect with your greater height the ergos would be like me sitting on the seat in the lower position. In that position, there is enough room for my knees into the fairing (and a little more room), although it does have a "spread'em" feel to your legs. If you dont mind your feet a little tucked in tight, then the R1200ST will be fine. The reach to the bars is not cramped and you have three positions to the bars to let you decide how "sport" you want your daily driver.


As to getting an '07 R1200ST, well, all I can say is GOOD LUCK. There was a tiny handful imported into the US -- I have heard numbers like 20-40 total. I have no idea if that is correct, but I suspect that a fair number of those are represented here on this board. It might take you quite some time to source one unless you know someone here who is ready to move on or are willing to source one from overseas. I have *never* seen one listed on Cycle Trader, and I check a lot. It would be a very exclusive bike and, I suspect, hold its resale fairly well.


Good luck!



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actually they are all more difficult to find than expected. However all I have done so far is a cycletrader and craig's list check. Only one 2007 ST3s, and one 2007 Srpint has shown up. both sold. No 2007 R1200st so far. I will keep looking. I have an interesting option here locally in Atlanta I am looking at. if all pans out well I might go for that. A 1999 R1100s with 39K miles, for 3,900.00. second owner mint condition, just had the 36K servie done at local BMW shop with receipts. I am looking at that bike this weekend. So we will see.

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the middle one was non abs, however I will call the owners of the other two. also I will add that web site to my temporary favorites.

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